Christmas Gift Tag Cookies (Tutorial)

Here's a favorite Christmas cookie project this year.
Use cookies for gift tags.......either directly tied to the package, or bagged first and then tied.

You can use any shapes you'd like.

This set included plaque type cutters.

 While the cookie are still warm from the oven, use a straw to cut a hole within one end of the cookie.

Decorate as desired.

Adding molded edible clay makes the tags more 3D-like.
(Molds used here: pine cone, holly, acorn, bow)

Used food color markers or painted color gel to add the "To/From" and
the names of the gift recipients.

2014 Christmas Cookie Collection

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Acorn Cookie Love (Tutorial)


Another one of those favorite shapes at this time of year.

There's a variety of acorn cookie cutters out there.
Here's a few favorites.....
3" Acorn Cutter from Cheap Cheep Cookie Cutters
Mini Acorn Cutter from The Cookie Cutter Company
5" Acorn Cutter from Off the Beaten Path
Now for the decorating......

Since the bottom of the acorn is usually the smooth part......
outline, flood, and dry it first using brown, tan, or green.

The acorn tops are my favorite part......because they NEED texture. :)
I love texturizing cookies.....

Sanding sugar is a texture lover's friend.
For the cookies below, I made a mixture of demerara sugar,
The variety of color and texture in this mix makes it very appealing.

Outline and flood the top of the acorn.
While it's wet, sprinkle sugar over it and then shake off the excess.

To get a more "bumpy" looking acorn top,
outline and flood with brown and then allow it to dry for an hour or two.
(Using a food dehydrator on low....speeds this process up.)
Using a rounded tool, press gently into the glaze to add some bumps.

A similar yet different texture is to allow the glaze to dry for an hour or two 
and then gently press a napkin or paper towel into the semi-dry icing.

Let your imagination run.....
and come up with even more creative ways to make a cute acorn cookie.

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3D Tree Stump Cookie (Tutorial)

To make a tree stump cookie you will need:

 My tree stump consisted of these cookies:
  • 2-  4" circle cookies ("mangled" around the edges)
  • 3 - 3-1/2" circle cookies ("mangled" around the edges)
  • 1 - 3" circle cookie (keep the straight edges)
 I used these circle cutters.
You can use smaller graduated circle cookies if you'd like.

Before "glueing" the circles together, stack the cookies in the order that looks best.
I stacked the largest on the bottom and then put the 3" plain circle on top.
I even found some of the cookies looked better "upside down".

Unstack the cookies in a line in the order you want to assemble them. 
Then add brown glaze between each layer.

Preferably  do this next step on parchment paper.
 Outline the top circle with brown glaze and then start adding glaze
from top to bottom on the sides of your tree stump.

 Allow to dry for at least an hour.

Flood the top circle with gold glaze.

After it has dried for at least 30 minutes, 
add random tree rings, etc to the top of the stump with gold glaze.
Allow the stump to dry overnight.

Using Americolor gel and almond extract (to thin it),
mix up a few "tree bark" colors to give the tree stump a natural look.
Randomly paint on the colors.
 Allow to dry for several hours.

This tree stump would make a great fall centerpiece. 
I added some fall leaf and acorn cookies along with a few sprigs of plastic grass.


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Thanksgiving Cornucopia

I've been wanting to do a cornucopia grouping for Thanksgiving for quite some time. I had a wonderful time designing all the different elements and then arranging them together for  my 2011 Thanksgiving collection.

I made three cornucopia sets. One was sold at our Ukraine fundraiser auction last weekend. The second is to take to work on Thanksgiving Day (I have to work at the hospital for the holiday) to cheer everyone up when they have to work on such a special holiday. And the last group I've got on my own dining room table to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Every time I see it, I smile. :)

Here's the grouping at the auction.

And here's the "official" photo of my cornucopia collection. :)

Believe it or not.....I still have bunch of Thanksgiving cookies to share. I've been busy busy busy.

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Mmmmmm.....Flavoring Cookies

Fall is a great time to add special flavors to your cookie assortment. A few weeks ago, I did an experiment. (My friends and family love it when I say I need them to try my experiment. ;o))

I have bought several natural flavorings from Spices, etc in the last year.....and wanted to try them out fully within my cookies AND icing. In my experiment (being the CRAZIE person that I am!), I made THREE types of dough and icing........great....THREE TIMES the work! lol

Caramel flavoring in my caramel apples that I've already shown you in this previous post:

Then pumpkin pie spice flavoring in my pumpkins......

And chocolate and coffee flavorings in my leaves and acorns (along with cocoa as described in my FAQ)......

Everyone enjoyed sampling my "experiment"! Yum....

I've got great news for you!
 Spices Etc is offering free shipping on ANY size order until Sunday, November 20. Go to their site and sign up for their newsletter (top left of home page....enter your email address) for the code.  Be sure to become one of their FB fans and let them know I sent you.
(I'm trying to get them to do a blog giveaway on maybe this will entice them. ;))

I hope you'll try a few flavors. I had a blast experimenting with them.....and everyone enjoyed the flavors. I have plans for different flavors for each holiday. Mmmmmmmm

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