Happy Harvest Decorated Cookie Collection

Autumn has to be top on my list of seasons!
And all the rustic-ness comes together in this favorite harvest cookie collection.

I hope this finds you enjoying the beauty and yumminess of the season!

Happy Harvest!!!

Pumpkin Patch Sign Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)   Pumpkin Decorated Cookie YouTube Video HERE


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Harvest Neon Sign Decorated Cookies

I just can't get enough of this "neon-sign-style" cookie that all started with the coffee-related cookie set shown below.....


Here's the tutorial post I did on this particular technique.

Apparently I'm going to have to do every season, holiday, and event in this decorating style over the entire year. haha

The best part about it is that it's super simple and the outlines pop against the dark background.

The harvest set was a little unique in that I tried to use brown coloring for the background. But it ended up being so dark that I'm not sure you can tell. I think if I did them again, I would try to lighten up the brown just a bit so you could see the brown-ish tones come through....which would pair well with the harvest colors and rustic theme.


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Homespun Autumn Decorated Cookie Collection

This autumn set of cookies uses a few non-traditional colors and designs. I stepped out of my autumn comfort zone and got a tiny bit wild. haha
Fun stuff!

 Simple Autumn Tree Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)


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First FALL Decorated Cookie Collection

There's always such anticipation for that FIRST set of fall cookies.

I think it is because fall is such a relief after a long hot summer.

Plus......it is a favorite time of year with so many wonderful events leading up to Christmas.

Trust me......there are many more autumn-themed cookies to come. :)

Autumn Scribbled Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

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Autumn Scribbled Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Coloring books are big  and popular once again......even for grown-ups.

And it seems, scribbled style cookies are also gaining popularity.

The best part about this design is how simple they are to decorate.

Everything is done with wet-on-wet technique, so it only takes as long

as it takes for you to flood the cookie to be done with it.

This style has a very endearing look.....simple, quirky, and fun.

Pick shapes that are fairly recognizable on their own.

That way, if you're like me and lack a ton artistic ability,

most people will still know what the cookie is even after you've scribbled on it. :)

Flood the cookies with white glaze.

Immediately you can scribble on coordinating colors in all the right places.

(see photos below)

And once you've colored it in (it's OK to be sloppy.....yeah!), just outline it with a dark color.

Boom. Done.

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