decorated sugar cookies

Bunny HOP Decorated Cookies

Time to do the bunny HOP!

Bunnies galore.....and oh so colorful and fun.

We're hoppin' into spring with style. πŸ’œ

[Links to YouTube video tutorials and more found in the hover drop downs of each photo.]

Bunny Bum Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE Bunny cutter found HERE

Bunny Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video found HERE Bunny cutters found HERE

Floppy Bunny Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE Bunny cutter found HERE

Silly Rabbit Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE


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Finn's Lumberjack First Birthday Decorated Cookie Collection

It's hard to believe, but my first grandchild has turned one year old already! He was born November 2016 and suddenly one year rapidly went past us, and he turned ONE! Wow.

My Finn (Finnegan Asher) is all boy. And he's super precious. (Spoken by a new grammy....) He was born premature (34 weeks) at 4.1 lbs and things were a bit scary on his birthday. My daughter was in critical condition and they had to deliver Finn in an emergency. But praise God, he has grown and developed well this last year and is all over the place now. You'd never know by looking at him that he was so small when he was born.

I've enjoyed decorating cookies for many many years now......but nothing tops making cookies for my grandbabies. What a joy it is to dive in there and create memorable cookies for their very special days. I count it such a privilege for the opportunity.

Happy Birthday Finn! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ  We love you so much. ❀️

[I made lots of YouTube videos of most of the individual cookies presented in this collection. So be sure to click on the links down below to view the videos.]


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Lumberjack Cookie Cupcake Picks

My daughter decided to throw a lumberjack themed first birthday party for my first grandchild. While planning it, we decided that it would be fun to add smaller cookie toppers to the cupcakes. I had never done this before, but I was excited to try it out.

My inspiration for cupcake pick cookies came from seeing this sign cutter and thinking that I could make a wood grain sign and personalize it for Finn's birthday.

But then, I couldn't just stop there. (I rarely ever do....) I added some additional smaller cookies that would fit well as toppers too..... two different evergreen trees, an axe, and a small simplified lumberjack face.

Cupcakes and decorating with buttercream icing is not my forte, but I always give it my best shot with each family event. These were made a little easier by adding decorated cookies to the cupcake tops. Now that's something I can handle!

And they were a big hit. People loved getting BOTH a cupcake and a cookie when choosing a treat. 

And best of was a grand and wonderful party for my sweet first born grandson, Finnegan Asher.



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Puffy Stitched Heart Decorated Cookies

I've had a photo saved from several years back of little fabric hearts that have been stuffed to make them "puffy" and then stitched around the edges. I've attempted numerous times to emulate them, but this time, I think I finally nailed it. 

I've done my best to incorporate thickened glaze into my list of favored mediums. It really does hit the spot for certain designs that just don't work any other way. If you add lots of powdered sugar to glaze icing, it eventually becomes something you can mold in your hands. It's still sticky, but doable.

I'm so glad it worked for these puffy hearts. The moldability provided a way to make the stitch holes right after putting the glaze on the cookie. It gave exactly the effect I was going for! πŸ‘


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Valentines Gift Tag Decorated Cookies

My love for gift tag cookies has not waned a bit in the last year. I believe I have done them for nearly every season and occasion. haha I just can't get enough of them. The best part of the idea is that it is extremely versatile and customizable.

Here's my favorite gift tag cutters:

Trust me......once you start making them, they seem to sneak into every cookie collection. ;)

Oval LOVE Valentines Gift Tag Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Patterned Lacy Valentine Gift Tag Decorated Cookies YouTube video HERE

Stacked Hearts Valentine Gift Tag Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Lacy Heart Valentine Gift Tag Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE


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