Tree Trunk Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

For whatever reason, I always think of tree trunks and tree bark when I envision a rustic fall setting. Thankfully they are fairly easy to emulate on cookies using texture mats.

Here is where you'll find the tree trunk cutter offered by Ecrandal that I used for these cookies.

There are two varieties of tree trunk bark:

Outline and flood the entire cookie with brown glaze.
(see video above to view the details of this tutorial)

Allow the glaze to dry for approximately 4 hours.

Using a bark texture mat, mold the partially dried glaze by pressing firmly on the mat that is laying face down over the glaze.


Cover the entire cookie shape in dry grey dust.
(see video above to view the details of this tutorial)

Paint over the gray base layer with Americolor Bright White gel.

Use a scribe, boo boo stick, or any other small instrument to carve out random dips, holes, lines, and texture all over the tree trunk.

Brush the carved out areas with dry black dust.

And there you have it......two varieties of tree trunk bark.
Simple and authentic.


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Acorn Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Here's a fairly simple version of an acorn decorated cookie just in time for autumn.

My favorite acorn cookie cutter is found here.

Using dry caramel dust, brush it over the bottom portion of the acorn cookie.
(see photo & video below)


Outline and flood the topper on the acorn with a dark brown glaze.

Allow the glaze to dry for about 2 hours.

Using a fondant tool, press in the arcs across the topper on the acorn.
(see photo and video below)


SImple and recognizable........just like we want 'em. :)


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Birthday Party Decorated Cookie Collection

It's time to P-A-R-T-Y!


There are so many fun birthday-themed cookie cutter shapes out there to make a fun set of cookies for someone's special day. Enjoy!