Embossed Cookie Dough Valentines Decorated Cookies

As this Valentines season drew close, I really wanted to incorporate texture into the cookie dough before baking... to take advantage of that beautiful 3D look. Once you've rolled it into the dough and baked it, all you have to do is dust it to emphasize the impressions.

The most important part of this process is rolling the texture into the dough before baking. Here's a video (of a different project) showing how to place the texture mat face down on the dough and use the pressure of the rolling pin to make the impressions into the dough before baking it. The relevant part is at the very beginning of the video.

Once the cookies are baked and cooled, brush food coloring or dust over the surface to bring out all the details. For these Valentine cookies, I used Americolor Bright White gel for some and gold dust mixed with vodka for others.

After completing the dusting of the textures, embellish the cookies with layered patterns, mini cookies, or cut-out edible clay pieces.

The background texture really makes these cookies "pop". 


Tag Cutters found HERE

This set shows the same mold or texture shown on two different cookies. One cookie has impressed dough before baking, and one uses a edible clay mold added on top of a plain cookie. YouTube video HERE


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Winter 2018 Decorated Cookie Collection

Oh how I love winter!
I know that is not a popular opinion, and some may shutter to hear it, but it's the truth.
And every year, I love to make a set of cookies just to celebrate the season.
These cookies are a small snapshot into what makes me so happy about winter.
And of course, snowmen are always a big part of the mix. πŸ’™β›„οΈπŸ’™

I hope you are having a cozy and wonderful winter!



Snowman with Fluffy Hat Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Fireplace Decorated Winter Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE


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Lantern Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Lanterns.....they are all the rage right now. It's funny how things come and go in popularity. I remember when my son and daughter-in-law got married FIVE years ago. The bridesmaid "bouquets" were lanterns. I loved the idea of something completely different than just flowers. 

So I probably shouldn't go through my house and count how many lanterns I have right now. haha There are several......most have a battery operated candles in them. I love having little "candle lights" all over the house for fall and winter. It makes everything so much more homey and cozy. :)

Here's a lantern cookie tutorial made from this cute cutter from BobbisCookiesCutters.
I've also recently purchased this lantern cutter.....so be on the look out for an alternative lantern design. Yeah!


Refer to the video and photos for this decorating tutorial.