SWEET Summer (Fruit) Decorated Cookie Collection

OK…..let’s discuss one of the best parts of summer. FRUIT! haha

Since last August, I’ve been eating a plant-based diet, and FRUIT, by far, is the most delicious of all the plant foods. :)

Summer brings out the best in fruit. Most everything is in season…..and SCRUMPTIOUS.

Here’s to diving into all that fruit-y deliciousness!



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Cherry Sweet Decorated Cookie Collection

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Lattice Cherry Pie Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

Let's continue with the cherry theme by making a lattice cherry pie.

The lattice portion of the pie is formed with cookie dough in a similar fashion as a real pie crust.
Sugar cookie dough can be a bit finicky to work with, so it may take more than one try to
roll it out (don't roll it too thin), cut long strips and weave those strips together as shown below.
Make the total weaved dough area bigger than the round cutter you are using for your "pie".

Cut the weaved dough with the round cutter and using a pancake turner,
carefully transfer it to the cookie sheet for baking.

You can decorate the baked weaved dough all by itself to represent a cherry pie,
or you can create a crust and base for the cherry pie.
I did both so you could see the difference.
Below is a base cookie on the right.
To make the crust, cut the same shape again, but use a smaller round cutter to cut out the center
(see bottom right cookie).
Carefully lay the "crust" on top of the base cookie before baking (top left cookie).

Once baked, it's time to add the "cherry pie filling". :)

For the base pie cookie with crust, fill the center with red icing.
(see photo below)

Place the weaved crust over the top of the base cookie,
and then add icing in between all the weaves.

If you are only going to decorate the weaved dough (and not have a base cookie underneath),
place it on parchment paper before adding red icing in between all the weaves.
This will catch all the icing the falls underneath the cookie, 
and allow for easy removal of the dried cookies from their surface.

Dry the cookies overnight.

Brush dry caramel luster dust over the crust to given it a "golden brown" look.

2016 Summer Decorated Cookie Collection

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Cherries Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

Probably one of the best things about summer is all the available fresh fruit.
And cherries are top on my list of favorite summer fruits!

I was hoping to have a custom cutter for this shape (the photos show hand cut cookies),
but it didn't work out.
Here's a similar cherry cutter you could use for this design.

You'll need red, dark pink and green icings for this design.

Outline one of the cherries as seen below. While it is still wet,
add a dark pink swirl line around the stem attachment area and down one side of the cherry.

Wait about 15 minutes to add the second cherry.

Outline and flood the leaf and add a stem as shown below.
After the cherries have dried for approximately 1 hour,
use a cake tester to poke a hole where the stem will come out and 
make a line up to the top of the cherry for the stem to "lay" in.
(see photo below)

Allow the leaf to dry for about one hour, and use a cake tester to make vein lines as shown below.

Add stems to each of the cherries and join them to the leaf at the top of the cookie.
Add a small brown dot above the stems and leaves.
(see photo below)

2016 Summer Decorated Cookie Collection

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Lemon Cookies (Tutorial)

Fruit cookies are so fun!
This Berry Berry Cookie Collection proved to be a favorite.

So today, it's time to make some realistic-looking lemon cookies. :)

I hand cut these shapes (except for the slice circle) because I couldn't find cutters to fit the need.

Outline and flood the whole lemon in yellow glaze.
Outline and flood most of the half lemon except for a small half circle at the end. (see photo)
Only outline that part in yellow.
And likewise, only outline the lemon slice in yellow.

Add some lighter yellow glaze as a highlight on the whole lemon.
Fill in the cut end of the half lemon with the lighter yellow.
And flood the inside of the lemon slice with the lighter yellow.

Allow the cookies to dry for at least two hours.
Press a dot texture mat into the darker yellow glaze (lemon peel) to give it dimension.

Add a thick white outline to the half lemon and lemon slice (seen in photo) using a #3 round tip.
Then using a #1.5 PME tip, add the wedge lines in white glaze.

Dry the cookies overnight.

Mix some bronze and super pearl dusts together.
Brush the dry dust onto the outer surfaces of the lemons to emphasize the texture.

Add some sparkle gel in between the wedge lines to emulate the wet lemon pulp.

Lemonade 2015 Cookie Collection

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