Rustic Americana Decorated Cookie Collection

Today is Memorial Day….so this is my way of honoring those who have given so much for Americans to remain free.

Hurray for the red white and blue.
I’m a proud American and happy to create this rustic Americana set of cookies.

There’s something about patriotic designs that always make me want to “antique” them and make them more vintage. It’s pretty easy to add age to a decorated cookie. Just allow it to dry overnight and then make a thin mixture of brown dust and alcohol….dab it all over the cookie and then blot it with a clean cloth.

May God bless America.



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Happy Fathers Day, DAD!

Hey's time to celebrate YOU!

Here's some Fathers Day cookies with a vintage feel. They are filled with all the love that can be poured into cookies to honor those who we call DAD. ❤️

[Hover over photos for links to YouTube tutorial videos & cutter info]

Bowtie Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE       Bowtie cutter found HERE

Hat Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Mustache Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE     Mustache Cookie Cutter set found HERE

Glasses Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE


I ❤️ DAD Mug Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE

DAD Trio Blocks Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE     Trio block cookie cutter found HERE

This car is my personal favorite of the whole set. Boy was it fun to decorate! 


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Hot Cocoa WARM UP Decorated Cookie Collection

What do you get when you put chocolate, heavy cream, marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, peppermint sticks, and cinnamon sticks together?

Surely this collection of cookies will warm up even the most frozen winter adventurer!


Letter cutters found HERE


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Pumpkin Latte Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Pumpkin lattes.......they are all the rage during this harvest season.
I have family members that are crazy about them. 

Here's a YouTube video to show the entire process to make pumpkin latte cookies.

Using a cookie cutter with a mug shape that includes whipped cream piled on top (see links below), it's fairly easy to decorate a cookie up for the pumpkin latte season.

The video shares all the details.....first the mug body, then the handle, then the layers of "whipped cream" with a sprinkle of actual cinnamon on top. :)
And be sure to include either a cute pumpkin cookie on the front of the mug, or cut a mini pumpkin shape into partially dried glaze and then decorate the shape with piped glaze.

Here's some potential mug cutters to use:
Hot Cocoa Mug #1 by BobbisCookiesCutters
Hot Cocoa Mug #2 by BobbisCookiesCutters
Hot Cocoa Mug #3 by BobbisCookiesCutters
Tall Mug by TheCookieBoxCCS
Short Mug by TheCookieBoxCCS


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Top of the Mug Cookies (Tutorial)

I love hot chocolate and hot tea in the winter time.
Even though I'm not a coffee drinker......
my husband always says I like a tiny bit of coffee with my cream and sweetener. haha

Before Christmas, I saw this really cute display in a catalog
with a bird's eye view of a mug of hot cocoa and a snowflake marshmallow.
I cut it out and hug it on my desk......wanting to remember the idea for after Christmas.

And here they are..... "top of the mug" cookies.

A large circle cutter with a small rectangle cutter are pieced together to make the mug.
Or  just hand cut the rectangle and add it to the circle.
Easy peasy.......

Outline and flood the top of the handle and a thick rim around the mug in your choice glaze color.

After it has dried for at least 30 min (longer if you're worried about bleeding color),
add light or dark brown glaze to the center of the mug (depends on your drink of choice, haha).

If you want to make "swirly cream",
add white glaze in a swirly pattern while brown glaze is still wet.

Even though real marshmallows (store bought or homemade) could be used
for the top of the hot cocoa,
you can also make some glaze transfers to look like yummy marshmallows.

Trace the pattern you want to follow (snowflake, etc) onto parchment paper,
and then pipe white glaze over the pattern.
While it is still wet, sprinkle powdered sugar over it.

Finish up the mug details by piping an outline around the mug rim and the handle top
with a 1.5 PME tip in the same glaze color.

Once the transfers have dried overnight,
carefully peel them off the parchment paper and shake off the powdered sugar.
"Glue" the "marshmallows" onto the top of the "cocoa" with some extra glaze.

Mmmm.......double the cocoa with hot cocoa cookies. :)

Winter 2014 Cookie Collection

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