Mothers/Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day, DAD!

Hey's time to celebrate YOU!

Here's some Fathers Day cookies with a vintage feel. They are filled with all the love that can be poured into cookies to honor those who we call DAD. ❤️

[Hover over photos for links to YouTube tutorial videos & cutter info]

Bowtie Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE       Bowtie cutter found HERE

Hat Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Mustache Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE     Mustache Cookie Cutter set found HERE

Glasses Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE


I ❤️ DAD Mug Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE

DAD Trio Blocks Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE     Trio block cookie cutter found HERE

This car is my personal favorite of the whole set. Boy was it fun to decorate! 


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Flowers for MOM Decorated Cookie Collection

I know, I again. 
But I'm a mom.....and I LOVE flowers. So it makes sense to emphasize them for Mothers Day. :)

It's the season for planting all the pretty flowers in the landscaping and hanging pots of them on the porch and even grabbing a bunch of them at the store to take to your beloved.

To all the moms......I hope your day is bright and cheery with all the love and appreciate throw your way on this special day. 

And thank you God for our precious mothers and for motherhood in general. What a blessing you have given us! ❤️


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Basket of Spring Flowers Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

With this awesome basketweave mold, it's fairly easy to make basket cookies just in time to "fill" them with spring flowers.

Place the mold face down over sugar cookie dough.
Using a rolling pin over the top of the mold, impress the dough with basketweave.
Take the cutter of your choice (I chose a tall rectangle) to cut out the cookie.
Feel free to leave the top portion of the cookie smooth for adding flowers. (see photo below)
Bake and cool the cookies as normal.

Cut out flowers using mini cookie cutters. I like to make the dough fairly thin so the flowers are not too overpowering on top of the basket cookie. Decorate these beauties as desired.

Brush chestnut dust over the basketweave portion of the molded cookies.

Add a greenery background on top of the basket by outlining and flooding it with green glaze.

Adhere the flowers on top of the basket with more green glaze. Add additional flowers and vines as desired.


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Picnic Basket Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

Summer time and picnics......they just go together.
Nostalgia brings back the memory of picnic baskets filled with yummy foods.
 How about a cookie to represent all those memories?

You'll need a hexagon shaped cutter to make these picnic basket cookies.

Outline and flood the hexagon cookie with tan glaze as shown below.

Allow the icing to dry for about 4 hours.
Press this basket weave embosser into the main bottom half of partially dried glaze
(not the handle or lid on the top portion of the cookie).
see photo below

Add some horizontal lines to the handle of the basket as shown below.
(Be careful to not pipe them too close or they will run together into a big blob.)

Also, add a white triangular shape over the top of the basket as shown below.

Allow the cookie to dry overnight.

Brush dry caramel luster dust over the basket portion of the cookie.

Use a red food color marker to add some red checks to the cloth draping over the basket.

2016 Fathers Day Decorated Cookie Collection
BBQ Kabob Decorated Cookie (Tutorial) 

2016 Summer Decorated Cookie Collection

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CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, June 17, 2016


CookieCrazie's Week in Review




Personal Side

Last weekend I attempted TWO sets of cookies.....and it was wild.
But everything went well and I was able to complete the sets.

I'm working four days a week at the doctors office now and it's becoming
more common for me to work 6 hours in a day.
So needless to time is limited compared to the beginning of the year.
I'm trying to plan my week for one cookie set each weekend, but that is becoming challenging.
We'll see. :)

GOOD NEWS that I can FINALLY share with all of you.
I'm going to be a GRAMMY!
I'm so excited that my first born daughter, Jill, is expecting her little "chocolate chip" in December.
I've been nearly bursting with the news for over a month, but I can finally share now.
Oh the cookies I can make for this little one. :)
(Spoken just like a cookie decorator.....)


Instagram photos for this week:

Let's Go Fly a Kite.....

Kite Cookies Galore...

And the kite tails.....Happy Sunday!

Happy Tuesday!

Throwin' it back to last year's fun barbershop set.


Last CookieCrazie Chatter....

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