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Finn's Lumberjack First Birthday Decorated Cookie Collection

It's hard to believe, but my first grandchild has turned one year old already! He was born November 2016 and suddenly one year rapidly went past us, and he turned ONE! Wow.

My Finn (Finnegan Asher) is all boy. And he's super precious. (Spoken by a new grammy....) He was born premature (34 weeks) at 4.1 lbs and things were a bit scary on his birthday. My daughter was in critical condition and they had to deliver Finn in an emergency. But praise God, he has grown and developed well this last year and is all over the place now. You'd never know by looking at him that he was so small when he was born.

I've enjoyed decorating cookies for many many years now......but nothing tops making cookies for my grandbabies. What a joy it is to dive in there and create memorable cookies for their very special days. I count it such a privilege for the opportunity.

Happy Birthday Finn! 🎉🎂🎈  We love you so much. ❤️

[I made lots of YouTube videos of most of the individual cookies presented in this collection. So be sure to click on the links down below to view the videos.]


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Hello Fall Decorated Cookie Collection

A favorite time of year......hello fall!

We are thrilled for the crisp cool weather and all the sights and smells of this cozy season to descend upon us. This set of cookies definitely set the mood......



Wishing you the richest autumn blessings!


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Tree Trunk Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

For whatever reason, I always think of tree trunks and tree bark when I envision a rustic fall setting. Thankfully they are fairly easy to emulate on cookies using texture mats.

Here is where you'll find the tree trunk cutter offered by Ecrandal that I used for these cookies.

There are two varieties of tree trunk bark:

Outline and flood the entire cookie with brown glaze.
(see video above to view the details of this tutorial)

Allow the glaze to dry for approximately 4 hours.

Using a bark texture mat, mold the partially dried glaze by pressing firmly on the mat that is laying face down over the glaze.


Cover the entire cookie shape in dry grey dust.
(see video above to view the details of this tutorial)

Paint over the gray base layer with Americolor Bright White gel.

Use a scribe, boo boo stick, or any other small instrument to carve out random dips, holes, lines, and texture all over the tree trunk.

Brush the carved out areas with dry black dust.

And there you have it......two varieties of tree trunk bark.
Simple and authentic.


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Spring Woodland Decorated Cookie Collection

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Thanksgiving Burlap Text Cookies (Tutorial)

Since handwriting on cookies is not a favorite task of mine,
I always try to find ways to use text on cookies without having to actually pipe letters.

For these cookies, I found Thanksgiving-related shapes that were big enough to contain the
large block letter cutters within them.

Cut out each shape and after it is on the cookie sheet, cut out the letter in the middle of the cookie.
(see below)

Once the cookies are baked, outline and flood the letters with tan glaze.
Allow them to dry for at least four hours.

After the dry time, press the burlap silicone texture mat onto the letters.

Decorate the shaped cookies as desired.

Dry the cookies overnight.

Brush on dry caramel dust to the burlap letters to accentuate the texture.

Thanksgiving 2015 Cookie Collection

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