Finn's Birthday Fleet Decorated Cookie Collection

It’s hard to believe…..but my first grandchild is turning two years old! Wow. When you think time flies by……you realize that you’ve underestimated it in a big way. I’ve also heard that time moves faster the older you get. Oh boy….

Finnegan Asher was born two years ago in November 2016. He was 6 weeks premature and in the NICU for 9 days. But he was strong and healthy….and came home to outgrow any time he might have been “behind”.

Now he is an active curious boy…..that doesn’t leave anything unturned. haha He is busy busy busy…..and so fun to watch.

Finn’s favorite thing right now is CARS! He loves them…..all kinds….actually anything with wheels. So it seemed perfect to get out this set of cutters and wheels to make a bunch of his favorites.

Happy Birthday Finnegan! 🎉 Grammy loves you so much. ❤️

His favorite……Lightening ‘Queen :)

Emmy (my granddaughter) got in on the car cookies too.

Finn was kind enough to allow Emmy to try out his Lightening McQueen slippers. :)

Awww…..I love these two so much. ❤️


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Emmy's Flower-y 1st Birthday Cookie Collection

Emmy (my second grandchild and first granddaughter) had her first birthday recently. It was a small gathering of family to celebrate, but we celebrated her in a BIG way. She's a precious sweet doll who manages to make everyone smile.

Her mom wanted a pink flower theme to celebrate her birthday. I pulled out all the stops to make the cookies as flower-y and pink as possible. 💗

I had some new tools to try out in the process, so they were fully incorporated into the design.

Both of my grandchildren haven't had refined sugar yet, so for Emmy's birthday, I modified my sugar cookie recipe and made it gluten and sugar free. The cookies turned out great!

Sadly, I attempted to make a "glaze" that was sugar free......but since sugar is the predominate ingredient (powdered sugar and corn syrup), the substitutes were no match at all. I was hugely disappointed. I ended up decorating the cookies with regular sugary glaze and left some of the cookies plain for the grandbabies. In the end, it worked. 

I'm still on a quest to find a way to decorate cookies without the sugar. I'll let you know if I ever conquer that one. 🙃

Happy Birthday my sweet Emmy Lou Who. I love you so much!!!


Flower Birthday Cupcake Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video  HERE

Flower Birthday Cupcake Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Happy Birthday Gift Tag Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video  HERE

Happy Birthday Gift Tag Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Pedestal Birthday Cake with Flowers Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video  HERE

Pedestal Birthday Cake with Flowers Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Birthday Banner for Emmaline Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video  HERE

Birthday Banner for Emmaline Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE


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Finn's Lumberjack First Birthday Decorated Cookie Collection

It's hard to believe, but my first grandchild has turned one year old already! He was born November 2016 and suddenly one year rapidly went past us, and he turned ONE! Wow.

My Finn (Finnegan Asher) is all boy. And he's super precious. (Spoken by a new grammy....) He was born premature (34 weeks) at 4.1 lbs and things were a bit scary on his birthday. My daughter was in critical condition and they had to deliver Finn in an emergency. But praise God, he has grown and developed well this last year and is all over the place now. You'd never know by looking at him that he was so small when he was born.

I've enjoyed decorating cookies for many many years now......but nothing tops making cookies for my grandbabies. What a joy it is to dive in there and create memorable cookies for their very special days. I count it such a privilege for the opportunity.

Happy Birthday Finn! 🎉🎂🎈  We love you so much. ❤️

[I made lots of YouTube videos of most of the individual cookies presented in this collection. So be sure to click on the links down below to view the videos.]


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Elephant Themed Baby Girl Shower Decorated Cookie Collection

I'd just like to say that this "being a GRAMMY" phenomenon is incredibly wonderful.
My second grandchild arrived late this spring.....HER name is Emmy Kate.  💗

I already LOVE to create cookies for others, but when it's for my grandchildren, it is the BEST.
Just knowing that some day Emmy will see the photos of these cookies and delight in the idea that she is so incredibly loved by her Grammy.......brings me pure joy.
Plus, I love to spoil those around me with cookies.
And baking/decorating is definitely my love language. :)

The  baby shower had an elephant creating cute elephants and lots of other baby cookies to match was super fun.

Welcome Emmaline Kate!
We think you're awesome...... 💗💗💗


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Ellie the Elephant Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

When I was approached about contributing an animal shape for Cookie Cutters for Charity, I immediately knew I wanted to do an elephant. My daughter-in-law was using elephants to decorate for our second grandchild arriving in May 2017. I had already planned to make some cute elephant cookies for the baby shower. So this was the perfect chance to come up with a cute shape for both the shower and the charity event. It was a win win for both!

The entire collection of animal cutters from a host of awesome decorators is now available HERE. There are 17 different shapes and a beautiful booklet sharing about each decorator and their contribution. 

100% of the profits from the sale of these cutters goes toward the Helping Hands, Inc ministry in India which teaches underprivileged women some professional baking/decorating skills for a job. What a blessed ministry!

Animal Cookie Cutter Set for Charity

Ellie the Elephant (which is not an original name.....but since my granddaughter is Emmy, it fit) was born.

She's pretty easy to decorate. Just outline and flood the entire shape in the color glaze of your choice. Add a wet-on-wet pattern if desired. Allow it to dry for about 1 hour before adding a second layer for the head, ears, and trunk. (see photos below)

While the second layer is still wet, add two black pearls for her eyes.

And if you are so inclined, add stitch marks and eyebrows with a black edible food color marker.


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