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INSPIRE 2019 Back-To-School Decorated Cookie Collection

I know, I know……no one wants to think about summer being over and school starting back (except maybe mom! haha). But school starts in a few weeks….so it’s time to get INSPIRED. :)

It’s funny…..I homeschooled my kids. So they were never in a “real” classroom. And yet, I really LOVE doing back to school cookies.

As has become my pattern…..I don’t want to just create a bunch of random cookies. I really want each collection to convey a message. INSPIRE is this collection’s theme. It’s my desire every day to inspire others the way God has inspired me to keep at this CRAZIE hobby I have. What better purpose in life than to inspire others to greatness……



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Back to School 2018 Decorated Cookie Collection

Woah! Where has the summer gone?

As usual, time is flying way faster than we can keep up with. And since school starts super early these days, it's time to go back to school soon. But cheer up.....there's cookies to celebrate! :)

[Click on the drop down links to go to corresponding YouTube tutorial videos of the featured cookies.]

Scrabble Tile Pieces Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE

Pencil Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

School Desk Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Open Book Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Stapler Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Magnifying Glass Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Banana Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Locker Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE


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Back-To-School Letter Pressed Cookies (Tutorial)

Now that I've acquired a cute little letter press set (from my precious daughter-in-law & son),
I'm inclined to find a way to use it on most of my cookies.
And back-to-school cookies are the perfect recipients. :)

Note: These are tiny little letters & numbers that need to be cut apart when you receive the set.
I used a big set of clippers to snip off all excess plastic around each individual letter block.
(It was tedious and time consuming......but worth the time in the end.)
This way, the letters will sit nicely against each other in the holding bar to make words.
Also, be careful when washing them.
It is easy to wash a few down the drain!
I put a dishcloth over the drain and set all the letters on it to wash them.

Once you have the letter press set ready to go......the fun begins!

As you can see in the photo below, you can decorate your shapes as plain or as detailed as you'd like.

After decorating them, allow them to dry for approximately 3-1/2 hours (when using glaze).
Then carefully press the letters (either individually or on the holding bar) into the glaze.
(First, I use the holding bar to ensure the letters are evenly aligned and spaced.....
and if any impressions were not firm enough on the first try,
I go back with the individual letters and re-press them.)

For an awesome tutorial on the notebook paper cookie, use SweetAmbs version.

Super fun......and fairly easy. :)

Back-To-School 2014 Cookie Collection

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2011 Back To School Collection

A few weeks ago, when I was asked by a mom if I'd make Back to School cookies for her sons, I jumped at the chance. I had never done them....and am always thrilled with the idea of doing cookies I've never done.  Plus, I wanted to come up with some unique BTS items I hadn't seen done in cookies.

Since the guys going back to school were entering middle and high school.....I knew I couldn't do crayons, glue, and elementary school stuff. So I wanted to make something that would fit the adolescent and teen years. I researched on google like crazy. And then I dove in. I was uncertain about several particular the school crossing sign, the bus, the stack of books and the backpack.....but they ended up being some of my favorites. :)

So here you have the entire collection in one photo.

I still have another baby shower collection from a few weeks ago to show I'll be sharing that next. It was nice to take a break from baby cookies for a while. :)

May you be especially blessed this week. Remember today is all you can be sure make it the best it can be.

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Time for School Again

I worked on some back to school cookies this last week. I've never done them it was super fun for me. And since my client wanted cookies for her middle and high school boys, I wanted to go beyond crayons, glue, scissors, etc.....and find some new items to match their higher level in school. After lots of googling of photos, I had a list of 11 different cookies I wanted to make.

I enjoyed doing these cookies so much. :)

To start off gotta have apples for school. It is like one of those "school icons", ya know? ;)

 Next is notebook paper....with fun messages for the student. :) I've seen this idea from several sources and have wanted to try it for a long time.

And least for today, here are my giant pencils. They are about 4-5" long. I used a long rectangle and added a triangle on the end of it.

More Back to School cookies coming.....

And don't forget to enter the August Blog-Giveaway where Ecrandal copper cutters will be given to two different participants. Here's the link to go directly to the blog post. 

The deadline is Wednesday, Aug 17 at midnight (CST) so don't delay.

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