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Autumn Leaf Thanksgiving Turkey Decorated Cookie Collection

Making a platter of cookies look like a turkey for Thanksgiving is nothing new. But the twist on this set is to use the feather shapes to make autumn leaves.

Any way you construct it, the results will be charming.

Gobble gobble......

Cookie Cutters found HERE.


May your Thanksgiving dessert table be adorned with a cute turkey cookie platter.....


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Peacock Cookie Platter (Tutorial)

Somehow this cookie platter got pushed back a whole year from entering a blog post.
I originally created this set two years ago for a class I was teaching in Italy.
The class got postponed.....and eventually I taught it in November 2014.
But the actually tutorial never happened. Until now......

Creative Cookier designed a set of CookieCrazie custom cutters for this cookie platter.

You'll need 1 peacock head, 1 body (large oval), 12 large feathers, and 12 small feathers.

For the body, outline and flood it with green glaze.
Allow it to dry for at least 4 hours and then carefully press in this scale texture mat.

For the peacock head, cover the entire cookie with medium blue glaze, except for the beak area.
Immediately add white glaze to the eye area of the head as shown below.
While it is still wet, add a black sugar pearl for the eye.

After the cookie has dried for at least 30 minutes, add a gold/tan beak.
(see photo below)

Once the head has dried for about 4 hours, press the scale texture mat into it as well.

For the feathers, you'll need beige, green, brown, light blue, and medium blue glaze.
Both sizes of feather are done the same.....just adjust the sizes.

See photo below to create the tear drop pattern on the wide end of the feather.
All of it is done at one time......wet-on-wet.

Allow the teardrop to dry for at least 30 minutes, and then start adding the wispy feather tendrils.
You will need to make sure that the lines do not touch, because with glaze, they will run together.

Allow all the cookies to dry overnight before making the platter.

For the platter, fan out the large feathers around the top of the platter.
Next, fan out the small feathers overlapping the large ones.
Add the body in the middle bottom and layer the head on top of it.

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Quilted Christmas Tree Cookie Collection

While I was doing the Christmas Tree Cookie Platter.....
I also did a quilted version.

How fun to make all different "quilted" pieces to build a Christmas tree.
For some of the tree branches, I used the custom CookieCrazie Homespun Christmas Tree cutter.

Christmas Tree Cookie Platter

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Christmas Poinsettia Cookie Platter (Tutorial)

Flowers......I love them.....all year long.
And poinsettias at Christmas make the holiday complete. :)

While doing a shabby chic set of Christmas cookies......
I made a white poinsettia cookie platter to match the pink frilly theme.

From this set of tear drop cutters,
you will need at least 6 large (3-3/4"), 5 medium (3"), and 5 small (2-1/4") tear drop-shaped cookies.
You will also need 1 circle cookie (approx 2-1/4" diameter).

Pinch the pointed ends of the tear drops a bit to make them a little more like flower petals.

Once baked and cooled, outline and flood petals with white 10-second glaze.
Immediate add vein lines with a 1.5 PME tip and 10-second pink glaze (see photo below).

While the petals are drying, outline and flood the circle cookie with gray 10-second glaze.
Immediate cover it with silver sugar crystals,
and then add various white, ivory, small pink and large pink pearls.
Carefully shake off excess crystals after the cookie has settled for a few minutes.

Once the petal cookies have dried for about two hours,
press a texture mat over the top of the crusted glaze to give it a surface similar to poinsettas.

When arranging the cookies, put 1-2 extra cookies under the circle cookie to prop it up for display.
Layer the petals around the circle, using various sizes in each layer.

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Christmas Tree Cookie Platter (Tutorial)

In previous posts.....we've been preparing to create a Christmas tree cookie platter
by making ornaments and stringed lights.

It's time to make the tree trunk and tree branches.

Use a long rectangle to make the tree branches.
I used a 5" by 2" rectangle I ordered from Ecrandal,
but you could use a different rectangle or even hand cut these cookies.
Since they're the trunk of the tree.....they certainly don't have to be exact.

Measure your platter to know how many trunk cookies you'll need.
My platter accommodated three trunk cookies.

Outline and flood the rectangles with brown 10-second glaze.
Immediately add wood grain lines using a lighter tan glaze and the wet-on-wet technique.

For the branches, use Christmas tree cutters.
You'll need longer branches on the bottom layer and shorter branches for the middle layer.
I used this cutter (5" x 3-1/2") and this cutter (3 1/8" x 2").

Add wood branch lines on the cookies with brown 10-second glaze.

After they have dried for at least 30 minutes, add the green tree needles all over the branches.
This is the most time consuming part......but well worth the outcome.

Allow the cookies to dry overnight.

Gather your ornament cookies and stringed-lights cookies with the trunk and branch cookies......
and assemble the platter.

Line up the trunk cookies down the middle of the platter.
Next layer the branch cookies.....larger ones on bottom.....along the trunk.

Arrange the stringed lights, ornaments and star topper as desired.

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas season.....filled with lots of
gorgeous sights......
enticing smells......
yummy tastes.....
beautiful sounds......

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas Tree Cookie Platter

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