Piano Keys Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

I have a good friend who is a piano teacher. She wanted music related cookies to share with her students and families during their spring piano recital. We discussed possible designs, and I immediately thought of doing a 3D piano keys cookie.

I googled piano keys and found this terrific photo. I printed the photo out and cut out a portion with only three white keys and two black keys. I used this "template" to help me divide up the rectangular cookie shape I cut out that was approximately the same size.

Before baking, use a cake tester to divide the dough evenly into three white keys. Push an actual dividing line between the "keys" with the cake tester. (see photo below)

Next, cut out long thin stips of dough (rolled very thin) and lay them on top of the cookie in the spots that correspond with the black keys on the template. (see photo below)

Trim off the top of the added dough strips to make all the keys straight across on top.

Bake and cool the cookies as usual.

Outline and flood the white keys. Outline and flood the elevated black keys. (see photo below)

Such fun cookies to celebrate a piano recital. :)


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Make them BOLD with Red and Gold Cookie Collection

Every once in a while, I just pick a few basic colors and then create a ton of different random shapes using as many techniques as possible. It allows my creativity to blossom and it produces some pretty strange combinations. But it is pure fun to pull it all together.

Here's my BOLD with Red & Gold cookie collection......in all it's boldness. ❤️


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Stained Glass Church Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Our church just called a new pastor a few months ago. With the excitement of him taking this prominent position in our church, and with his family moving all the way from Florida to join us, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to make him and the church staff some cookies to celebrate.

After making the Stained Glass Raindrop Cookies a while back, I immediately thought to use Jolly Rancher hard candies for some stained glass windows in my little church cookies. :)


First cut out a mini cross shape out of house or building cookies (cutter found here).
(see photo below)

Next, crush up Jolly Ranchers, keeping the colors separate. Carefully spoon the crushed candies into the empty cross shape, continuing to keep the colors separate. (If they get mixed together, they melt into an ugly color.)

Make sure to cool the cookies with parchment paper underneath them.  
The melted candy wants to stick to everything else.

Once the cookies are baked and cooled, outline and flood them (including the inset cross shape) with white glaze.
(see photo below)

Allow the glaze to dry for approximately 4 hours and then press this wood panel texture mat over the churches.

After the cookies have dried overnight (preferably on wire racks as seen below),
brush them lightly with dry Elephant Gray Elite dust.

In order to get the back side of the stained glass candy to dry enough so it doesn't stick to the bag, placed the cookies on wire racks and allowed them to thoroughly dry for a few hours.


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Tooth Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Every time I go to the dentist, my dental hygienist and I talk about my cookie decorating escapades. And many times in the past couple of years, I've promised her that I would make cookies for the dentist and entire staff to enjoy. I'm FINALLY getting around to fulfilling that promise. 

Tooth cookies were the obvious choice as the focal point to the collection. But believe it or not, after looking through all my cookie cutters (and trust me, I have TONS!), I did not own a tooth cookie cutter! I came to the conclusion that a tall heart cutter and a small oval cutter could make my dental cookie dreams come true. :)

Here is the long heart and the small oval cutters I used for these tooth cookies.

Outline and flood the top tier of the each tooth cookie with white glaze.
Allow it to dry for about 30 minutes and then outline and flood the rest of the cookie, overlapping the first layer to create the tooth crown at the top. (see photo below)

Allow the cookies to dry overnight.

Combine super pearl dust with vodka (or a clear extract, ex. almond) and paint it over the entire tooth surface.

Pearly whites are ready for "dental care". :)


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