stained glass with hard candy

Stained Glass Church Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Our church just called a new pastor a few months ago. With the excitement of him taking this prominent position in our church, and with his family moving all the way from Florida to join us, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to make him and the church staff some cookies to celebrate.

After making the Stained Glass Raindrop Cookies a while back, I immediately thought to use Jolly Rancher hard candies for some stained glass windows in my little church cookies. :)


First cut out a mini cross shape out of house or building cookies (cutter found here).
(see photo below)

Next, crush up Jolly Ranchers, keeping the colors separate. Carefully spoon the crushed candies into the empty cross shape, continuing to keep the colors separate. (If they get mixed together, they melt into an ugly color.)

Make sure to cool the cookies with parchment paper underneath them.  
The melted candy wants to stick to everything else.

Once the cookies are baked and cooled, outline and flood them (including the inset cross shape) with white glaze.
(see photo below)

Allow the glaze to dry for approximately 4 hours and then press this wood panel texture mat over the churches.

After the cookies have dried overnight (preferably on wire racks as seen below),
brush them lightly with dry Elephant Gray Elite dust.

In order to get the back side of the stained glass candy to dry enough so it doesn't stick to the bag, placed the cookies on wire racks and allowed them to thoroughly dry for a few hours.


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Stained Glass Raindrop Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

When I started thinking about doing raindrop cookies for this April Showers cookie set, I wanted to do a unique shiny raindrop cookie. I remembered some Christmas cookies I saw in December that used melted hard candies to fill in cookie dough that had a seasonal cut-out shape. raindrop cookie was born.

Even though there's not technically any glaze decorating on this cookie, it IS dressed up with a beautiful stained glass style.

From what I've read, the best hard candy to melt into your cookie design is Jolly Ranchers. And the blue raspberry color is PERFECT for raindrops. :)

The "hardest" part of this process is crushing the candies. But actually it's kind of fun to beat the candies into tiny slivers that melt easily in a preheated oven. I used a meat tenderizer to crush up the candies. (The reason the photo shows all the colors is because I attempted a rainbow cookie too.....and it wasn't photo worthy.)

For the cookie part, use a large tear drop cutter and then a corresponding smaller tear drop cutter to cut out the center of each raindrop cookie. (see photo below)

Bake the plain empty cookies for 10 minutes.
Immediately take them out of the oven and fill in each middle space with some crushed blue hard candies.
Place the cookies back in the oven to bake the final 6-10 minutes.
The candies will melt into a beautiful glass like layer.

Allow the finished product to cool off before moving to a parchment paper. The candy portion will be somewhat sticky for a while, so keep parchment paper under it until it has dried out well.


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