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Woodsy Christmas Decorated Cookie Collection

Rustic and woodsy...... that definitely encapsulates one of my favorite styles for Christmas. 

Making these cookies brought on all kinds of nostalgic feelings.

It's certainly the most wonderful time of the year!

Evergreen sprig with ribbon decorated cookie YouTube video found HERE. LilaLoa's confetti cutter was perfect for this sprig of evergreen with ribbon. Cutter found in set HERE.

Winter Hat & Mitten Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE

Holly & Berries Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube Video HERE

Icicle Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

NOEL Christmas Banner Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE   Bunting Cutter found HERE.

Pinecone Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE

Snowflake Decorated Sugar Cookies YouTube video HERE

Christmas Tree Decorated Sugar Cookie YouTube video HERE


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Frosty Winter Decorated Cookie Collection

I love winter! 
I know that's not a popular preference, but nevertheless, it's mine.
And snowmen top my favorites list.
So every year, I try to do at least one set of cookies featuring snowmen and all things winter.
Now that Christmas is past, I look forward to snowy days snuggled up with some hot chocolate and a good book/movie.
Happy Winter everyone!


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Build-A-Snowman Cookie Platter (Tutorial)

This "build-a-snowman" idea has been brewing in my mind for months.
My family can tell you.....I would suddenly have an "ah-ha" moment with another element.
It was such fun pulling this project together.

The shapes/cutters used are shown below.
Pipes were cut out using a long rectangle and then cutting out a smaller rectangle to form the pipe.
 There are specific cutters for Carrots. (Cut off the leaf top.)
Hats were done using this cutter.
Mittens and caps are common cutters.
Scarves were made with an awareness ribbon cutter as shown on this post.
Coal pieces came from a rounded square mini cutter. (Any random cutter will do.)
Twigs were a long thing rectangle.
The snowman himself was done with various circle cutters.

For the snowballs, outline and flood the circle in white 10-second glaze and
then cover the still wet glaze in either white sanding sugar or white edible glitter.
(photo below shows edible personal favorite)

Twigs can be made with a long branch in tan glaze, and after it has dried a bit,
add some small extensions.

Not wanting to have to mix up orange glaze, 
I opted to outline and flood the carrots in white glaze and
then paint them the next day with orange food color gel once they had dried overnight.

For coal pieces, outline and flood with black glaze.
Dry overnight.
Paint on swirls of light gray food color gel to give them some dimension.

Pipes were easy.....outline and flood the pipe in black glaze....
leaving a oval with no icing at the top.
The next day, use that same light gray food color gel used for the coal to fill in the oval.

Lots of fun shapes...

Once arranged on a platter, the cookie snowman comes to life. :)

Using a cool box, you can make a Build-A-Snowman cookie gift to give away.

Build-a-Snowman Cookie Platter

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Back to Top's a cold Christmas!

You need to put on your mittens and hat before we go outside.....

On on this cold snowy day......we find a rosy cheeked polar bear. :)

Awwww.....a penguin and a snowman standing side by side......

Oh did the gingerbread man head get in this segment? ha ha!!

OK.....these guys fit the theme better. ;)

I guess you could call this a winter wonderland......minus the gingerbread man head. lol

I've been cookie-ing my heart out this week. I'm so weary I can hardly move. But I got some great cookies done....and lots of photos to show you this next two weeks.
I've also got a gazillion more cookies to make between now and then...............

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One Last Hint of Winter......

My one remaining cookie photo from last week. Funny that it would be winter caps and mittens. This morning we have freezing rain and sleet hitting the window. Yikes.....I knew once we got in the spring mode last week.....any cold/wintry precipitation we received was going to be tough. 

The good news is that I've started spring cookies. :))))))) Hopefully I'll have pics tomorrow so I can start showing them to you.

Hopefully making spring cookies, looking at spring cookies, and thinking about spring  will bring it back. :)

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