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CookieCrazie's Week in Review





Personal Side

A good week of cookies and so much more....
Sometimes taking a step back helps you re-evaluate things you are too close to.
The last week I've really thought about why I do what I do.....
and I've concluded that it is to bring the Lord glory first of ALL......
and then to bring others joy.

It is NOT about how much people like me or my cookies.
It is not about numbers.....nor about competing with others.
It is a gift filled with joy.....and should be used wisely.
I pray I can be wise in all that God has given me. :)

This week I did ice cream cookies.......pure fun!
I can't wait to share them with you.


Instagram photos for this week:

Happy Friday!!!

Side-by-Side......real cake and the cookie version. 😊
It's hard to believe this was just two weeks ago! Happy Saturday. 

Flag Day was know what's soon to follow.
Happy Monday!!

To say I'm having fun with this week's theme would be a major understatement....

A favorite.....the effect I was going for worked.
I love when that happens!

Fun photo shoot about to happen here today....


Last CookieCrazie Chatter....

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Sunglasses Cookies (Tutorial)

Let's make some cool shades.

For a long time, the only sunglasses cutter out was a tiny cookie cutter.
I used it for while......but always wanted to have a larger cutter.
With all the new plastic 3D printer cutters out there.....there are definitely some additonal choices.
But I wanted to use a common cutter and see if I could create the same look.

Any heart cutter can be used......but the larger the better.
I used the large red cutter in this set.

Cut the pointed top off of the heart and
if desired, increase the "cleavage" of the sunglasses by using a tear drop cutter as shown below.

Outline and flood the glasses in your choice color of 10-second glaze.

Allow the rim frames to dry for a few hours before adding the black lenses (to prevent bleeding).

Notice in the photo above how the light from the window in the room reflected off of the 
very wet and shiny black glaze.
That is exactly the type markings you want to add to the sunglasses to make them look real.
You can add white reflection lines immediately onto the black glaze (wet-on-wet).
Or you can allow the sunglasses to dry overnight and then paint on some white reflection lines.
but you can just as easily paint on some Americolor Bright White gel.

After the reflection lines have dried,
paint on some dry super pearl luster dust to the bottom halves of the lens.

You're all set for the summer sunshine. :)

Splash into Summer Cookie Collection

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Sunny Glasses (Pictorial)

It's about time I did a pictorial for you.

I wanted to make some sunglasses......but the only cutter I could find for them is really small. SO.....I decided to improvise and make my own.

First I took a rectangle.............and used my mini diamond shape cutter to start carving out the bottom of the sunglasses.

After carving a little from the outside corners, I smoothed out the bottom edges (one of right).

Once baked.....outline your eyeglasses with the color of your choice.

 And fill it in....

Add black to the inside, and white "reflection" lines.

Moving onto the sun cookies......I'll admit that it is very hard for me to make a really nice circle on a cookie. So I used my circle cookie cutters for some help.

Place your circle cutter on top of the cookie.....

And then add some dots of icing on the inside to give you reference marks to make your circle.

 Then connect the dots to make your outline.....

and fill 'er in. :)

And there you have it..........some sunny glasses. ;)

Stay cool!

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