Happy Camper Decorated Cookie Collection

Don’t worry….be happy. Here’s another another set of cookies with a message. :)

Confession: I hate camping! I went on exactly TWO camping trips when my kids were little (and this was probably the biggest mistake, to take babies and toddlers!)…..and hated every minute of it. I’m an inside girl who likes cleanliness and order.

So it’s a stretch for me to be happy when I’m camping. Which is exactly the point……sometimes we must do what we REALLY don’t want to do (i.e. battle cancer)…..and rather than worry, we can be happy. Each day is a gift, no matter if it is in a soggy tent with thunderstorms, or it is safe and warm (and CLEAN) in our own house.

I have certainly not mastered this message……thus the cookie collection to remind myself often.

Don’t worry… a HAPPY camper! ❤️



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CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, August 23, 2013


CookieCrazie's Week in Review


Personal Side

With being out-of-town this week, I had a little break from cookies.
I've spent it visiting family and then getting ahead on photo editing and blog posts.Nice!

And the best part......I'm completely chomping at the bit to get back to cookies.
I guess it is a little "burn-out" prevention.
It works well. :)

The baby boy cookies were a big hit at my in-laws.
I think it helped that they were chocolate cookies. ;)

Next week......AUTUMN cookies comin' up.
Can't wait...

Instagram photos for this week:

More camping cookies..... Take a Hike (haha)

This was my favorite in the camping cookies set. :)

Have a slice of birthday cake and some milk.... :)

Happy cookies..... :)


Last CookieCrazie Chatter....

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Happy Camper Cookie Collection

I've wanted to do a camp-themed set of cookies for a few years now.
That's so hilarious because I despise camping.
I've only been camping twice.....both times with small children.....
and it was NOT FUN for me at all.
My kids had a great time.....and that is why I did it.
But I don't plan to do it ever again. haha

Nevertheless......camping cookies are super fun.
And I had an amazing time planning, decorating and photographing these cookies.
I guess that makes ME a happy camper! heehee

Sleeping Bag Cookies (Tutorial)

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Happy Camper: Tent Cookies (Tutorial)

A tent cookie can be done several ways.
I chose to trim the dough off of a rectangle shape.

Once baked, outline and flood a triangle of black 10-second glaze as shown below.

To prevent bleeding, allow the black glaze to dry for several hours.
I put mine in the dehydrator (low setting) for a couple of hours.

Outline and flood the rest of the tent in your choice of glaze color.
Be sure to put an edge of tent color on the left side of the black opening.

Dry the cookie overnight.
Then add details in brown glaze with a 1.5 PME tip.

Happy Camper Cookie Collection

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Happy Camper: Sleeping Bag Cookie (Tutorial)

A fun new series of cookies......Happy Camper!

To make the sleeping bag cookie, I used a jelly bean cutter.
I searched and searched for where I might have gotten no avail. :(
So......use a flip flop or an oval cutter and then "bend" the cookie a bit to look like a sleeping bag. :)

If you'd like to do an even simpler sleeping bag, make a circle cookie.
Outline and alternately flood sections of the sleeping bag roll to give it more dimension.
Outline and flood the circle as shown.

 Once the sections are flooded and the cookie has dried a few hours, 
you can add some string ties around the bunched areas.

Allow the cookie to dry overnight to add some swirls to the end with a food color marker.

If desired, you can even add a little zipper pull with some white or silver glaze.

Super simple.....super cute. :)

Happy Camper Cookie Collection

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