CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, May 27, 2016


CookieCrazie's Week in Review




Personal Side

No cookies this week.....oh my!
This week I started working FOUR days a week at my office manager job.
That's been the goal for a few months now......but I still have to work out the kinks.
I LOVE my job, so that is not a problem,
but I've had TONS of free time on my hands for months, so this is a bit of an adjustment for me.

PLUS, I'd hoped to work on the Ukraine Bible study this week.
I've started making some progress......but this weekend will be my concentrated time for that effort.

And then, next weekend, I can get back to cookies. Hurray!
I'm missing them so much.
The cookie decorating "zone" is definitely my happy place.
So I'm going to need to do a small batch of cookies every weekend, to keep up my "happy". :)

Three day weekend is coming up.....yippee.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your beginning of summer is amazing.


Instagram photos for this week:

Have a sweet 🍓 Friday.....

Shiny and Pretty = Happy Weekend

Fun with #strawberrymilk.


Finishing stitches....

Strawberry Jam and Toast Decorated Cookie Tutorial

Some Fathers Day cookies from last year.....


Last CookieCrazie Chatter....

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Strawberry Jam on Toast Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Oh the yummy taste of fresh strawberry jam on toast.

It's time to whip up some toast with jam on cookies. :)

You'll need four different cookies for this set:
You'll also need some red sparkle gel to represent the jam.

On the first day, outline the toast with brown glaze and flood with white glaze.
(see photo below)

Allow the glaze to dry for 1-2 hours and then gently press onto the partially dried glaze
first the dot texture mat, and then the sand texture mat.

Outline and flood the knife in gray glaze.
(Not pictured, [sorry!} after the knife dries for about an hour,
add some teeth marks to the edge of the "sharp" side with a cake tester,
and if desired, add an outline to the bottom of the knife to make it more decorative.
See photo example further down in this tutorial.)

Outline and flood the bottom portion of the jelly jar in red glaze.
Add some random lines of a lighter red glaze within the base coat.
Swirl around the lighter lines with a toothpick for a random look.
For the plaque cookie, outline and flood in white glaze.

Add an additional brown outline to the toast using a #3 tip.

After the red portion of the jelly jar has dried for a couple of hours,
outline the lid and top sides of the jar, and flood the lid.
Place the plaque in the center of the jar.
(see photo below)

Allow all the cookies to dry overnight.

Make a mixture of silver luster dust and vodka (or a clear extract),
and paint the the knife and jelly jar lid.
(Notice the teeth marks on the edge of the knife and the outline on the handle. :))

  Paint a shiny white luster dust over the top portion of the jar that does not contain jam.

Dust the toast with dry cinnamon luster dust.

Add "J-a-m" to the jar label plaque and any decoration you'd like with a food color marker.

If desired, tie a cute bow to the top of the jam jar.

Add red sparkle gel over the top of the toast and 
also on the edge of the knife to resemble strawberry jam.
(Note: Sparkle gel doesn't dry easily. It remains tacky for a long time.
It would be best to not try to package or stack cookies with the gel on it.)

And's time for a yummy snack. :)

Strawberry Decorated Cookie Collection

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Serving Mom Breakfast in Bed......a COOKIE Breakfast

On Mom's special day......she needs some extra special treatment.

Breakfast in bed would definitely start the day out right.

And if it is done in cookies.......she gets to have DESSERT for breakfast. ;)

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