Gingerbread Christmas Tree Quilt Decorated Cookie Collection

Christmas + Quilts = Bliss
As you can see.....I love both with a passion.
Combining a Christmas theme with a quilt theme must be the ultimate, right?

A few years ago, Ginny of Creative Cookier made this fun tree cutter for me that allows you to make a tessellation. I can't seem to get enough of it. Every year, I look at that cutter and want to make a new set. It's fun to see the different patterns over the years...... side by side.

This year's quilt included burlap molded cookie dough for every other tree. That rustic look gets me every time.

Check out my previous posts on making tessellation cookie sets for tips on how to create a set that fits well together and coordinates best.

Here's some of my previous creations with the tessellation theme.


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Autumn Leaf Textured Patchwork Quilt Decorated Cookie Collection

I love this little leaf tesselation cutter that Creative Cookier made for me a few years ago. Between loving quilts and loving autumn.......it makes the best of both worlds on COOKIES!

Here's a little tutorial I did using this cutter a couple of years ago:
Autumn Leaf Cookie Quilt (Tutorial)

For this particular "quilt", I utilized texture mats on cookie dough to make the tan lacy pieces and the orange burlap pieces. Then once they were baked, I covered them in dry dust. The watercolor pieces were done just like the watercolor cookies I did in this WaterColor Decorated Cookies post. 


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Holiday Tessellation Decorated Cookie Collection

With my love of quilt patterns, I'm always fascinated to find new tessellation patterns.

Tessellate : to form small squares or blocks, as floors or pavements;
form or arrange in a checkered or mosaic pattern.

Tessellation Cookie Patterns from the past:


I just found some new pattern cutters and decided to create holiday-ish cookies with them.

First I used the Moroccan Cross and Star Tile cutters for the following two cookie patterns.


And then my favorite shape is this Deco de Lis cutter.


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Winter Tree Cookie Quilt (Tutorial)

Combining winter and quilts......it just makes sense.
There's nothing like a warm cozy quilt when you're chilly from the cold weather.

Even though I've already done a fun Christmas tree quilt with my new tree quilt block custom cutter,
I didn't want to slight winter in any way.....so I decorated a winter tree quilt cookie quilt too.

As you cut each tree, place it on the cookie sheet interlocked with the other "quilt blocks".
To make a complete rectangle, you'll have to use half trees on the sides (as seen below).
When the pieces bake all together, it ensures that they will fit together well after the fact.
Note: While the cookies are still hot from the oven, use a small sharp knife to gently cut
between each tree to make sure they will each separate later.

if a border is desired, try hand-cutting a lace border using this mold.
Cut strips long enough to surround the perimeter of the quilt.

Decorate each tree as desired. 
Each of the "quilt blocks" below were done with a varying wet-on-wet techniques.
For the lace borders, outline and flood all of them with white glaze.
Allow them to dry for 4 hours.

After 4 hours of dry time, press the lace silicone mold into the border cookies.

If desired, use this embosser on partially dried glaze to give the trees a more quilted effect.

2016 Winter Cookie Collection

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Christmas Tree Quilt Block Cookies

Keeping with the theme of Christmas and quilts,

I'm excited to introduce you to a new

CookieCrazie Custom Cookie Cutter


It is made by

Creative Cookier

and part of the proceeds of the sale go to my

Ukraine mission effort


This tree quilt block cutter is the perfect shape to building a cute Christmas tree quilt.

It is another tessellation shape that allows for repeat pieces to fit together.


We created an autumn leaf quilt block cutter this fall with the same idea.

 Autumn Leaf Cookie Quilt


I added a little tree trunk cookie to the bottom to complete an actual tree shaped set.

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