CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, April 19, 2013


CookieCrazie's Week in Review


Personal Side
It's been a challenging week.
I'm trying to get ahead on cookies with all the events coming up in the next couple of months....
I have work I need to complete for the Ukraine mission trip....
Life continues to be interesting in the "real world"...

But I'm so grateful to be alive and to have what I have.
I think I reflect on life so much more than I did in the past.
Perhaps it is my age.....but even more so, I think it is the signs of the times.
When I allow myself to listen to all that is going on around me here in my state, country and world...
I get overwhelmed.

But then I remember whose I am and why I'm here.
I remember that God is in control and He is the victor in the end.
And I remember that this is not my home...... what a relief that is!

Cookie decorating was really fun this week. 
(ha.....I think I say that every week. :))
I made some cookies for Mothers Day.
It had me reflecting on being a mom and all that is involved....and what a blessing it is!
It's pouring raining right now. 
April showers!
I love rainy days. :)

Instagram photos for this week:

Just a little birthday snack.... :)

Birthday gift cookies....

 Birthday Cake Cookies....

Trying out what looks to be one of my new BFF. :)

A flower it too simple?
I was trying for the effect of Icings by Ang gorgeous flowers from a week or two ago....
but I can't produce the same height with glaze.
I'll try something different tomorrow.

 Aprons and Hearts for Mom....

Much happier with these "simple" flowers. :)

MOM on the frilly girly side....


Last CookieCrazie chatter....

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Scrub Top and Adhesive Bandage Cookies (Tutorial)

These scrub top and adhesive bandage cookies were part of a 
set of medical cookies I did for my sister's caregivers last year when she was very ill.

For the bandages, I used a rectangular cutter and ounded off the corners of the cookie dough.
Using a tan glaze, outline and flood a center square for the padded part of the bandage.
Allow it to dry for 30 minutes or so.

Outline and flood the entire cookie with the tan glaze.
I did it two ways.
In the middle cookie, I only flooded the surrounding area of the center rectangle.
In the cookie to the left, I flooded the entire cookie, even over the top of the rectangle.

Allow the cookies to dry for 45 min - 1 hr. 
Then take the end of a "boo boo stick" and poke even holes over the entire bandage.

For the scrub top, I used a regular shirt cutter.
In our hospital, this green color represents the surgery team.....but the color is your choice.
Outline and flood the entire cookie with glaze.

After it has dried a bit, add some detail lines for the sleeves, neckline, and pockets.
Fill in the collar and pockets to give them a more 3D look.

I failed to take photos of adding the details, but after some dry time,
you can add a stethoscope and even a tag inside the neck of the shirt. :)

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Get Well Medical Cookie Collection

Here's a set created for my sister to thank her caregivers when she was very ill last year.

I made her a few personalized ones to offer my own get-well-wishes to her, as well. :)

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CookieCrazie Chatter.......Friday, September 7, 2012



Don't give up on CookieCon.
I'm hearing that some on the waiting list are getting tickets.
If you missed getting a ticket.....get on the waiting list.
You never know what might happen. :)
There is a Facebook group specifically for CookieCon attendees.
Those with a CookieCon ticket.....
contact me and I'll make sure you find the group.


CookieCrazie's Week in Review


Personal Side

My cold has hung on another week. :(
It's been challenging to push through......
especially with company here for Neil & Becca's engagement.
But I've rested lots this week and other than a couple of
small cookie orders, I've been chillin' and
today I'm FINALLY feeling a lot better. Yeah!

Well now you know the big secret in our family that I alluded to last week.
We are VERY VERY excited.
The wedding is planned for Monday, December 31, 2012.
That's less than 4 months from now.
I still haven't figured out what I'll do for their wedding cake
and wedding cookie favors......but I still have a little time. lol

It's been a very good cookie week for me.
I did wedding shower cookies......
and a medical set of cookies for a thank you.
I was happy with how they all turned out. :)

Instagram photos for this week:


The happy couple, Neil & Becca, just a few hours after he proposed. :)

Engagement Cookie Joy.....

Back in the saddle on Tuesday.....after the long busy weekend.
Ironically......I was doing wedding cookies. ;)

Wednesday morning brought a huge thunderstorm while I was finishing wedding shower cookies.

I had fun with this "fall-ish" set.

Thursday morning.....bright and early......
making new glaze colors out of old glaze colors.

I thought this set would be harder to guess.....
but many of my FB & Instagram friends guessed it right away.

Day one of the medical cookies.....

Day Two brought all in all the fine details.
What a fun set!

Last week's chatter....

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