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Summer YUM Decorated Sugar Cookie Collection

There is definitely a YUM factor in the summer time. The rest of the year pales in comparison because of the bountiful growing season and food prepared on the grill during those warm summer days. YUM!

Here's some fun cookies to celebrate the arrival of summer in all it's YUMMINESS! 



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Neon Sign Styled Amusement Park Decorated Cookie Collection

After stumbling upon the idea of doing neon sign styled cookies back when I did a coffee shop cookie set, I can't get enough of it.

Here's a tutorial on neon sign styled cookies.

I just HAD to make a fun set in a summer-y amusement park theme. :)


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Let's Go On A Picnic Cookies

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Build a Burger or a Dog On a Bun.....the SWEET way! (Tutorial)

To make 3D Hamburger and Hot Dog Cookies you'll need:

 Mix color gel into balls of cookie dough to get desired colors.
You'll need black/brown dough for hamburger,
tan dough for top & bottom buns,
reddish/brown dough for a hot dog,
 green dough for pickles and lettuce,
yellow dough for cheese slices,
red dough for tomatoes,
and regular plain "white" dough for onions.
Check out this post on making scoops of ice cream cookies 
for  how to color dough.

For the hamburger, cut out a big black/brown circle
and when it comes out of the oven,
use your fingers to make indentions all over it.

For the hamburger bun, cut two circles from the tan dough.
One should be very thick and rounded at the top,
the other should be thin and flat.

For rings of onions, cut a circle with regular uncolored dough
and then cut out the middle of it with a smaller circle cutter.

For the hot dog, roll red/brown dough into a long cylinder.

The hot dog bun is made with tan dough cut into two long oval shapes.
As with the hamburger bun, make one thick with a rounded top,
and make the other one thinner and flat.

 Tomatoes are red dough cut into circles.
Cheese is yellow dough cut into squares.
Lettuce is green dough cut with a large flower cutter 
and then "mangled" a bit. lol
Pickles are green dough using a small circle.
With both lettuce and pickles,
I added indentations to them when they came out of the oven.

 Once the cookies are cool, add details with glaze.
Pickles get a green outline and "crinkle" seeds.
Onions get random white layer lines.
Lettuce gets green leaf lines and a ruffly outline.
Tomato slices get red segments with white centers and tan seeds.
The hamburger and hot dog get brown grill marks.
And the hamburger bun gets sesame seeds.

 Once the grill marks are dry on the hamburger and hot dog,
you can add "mustard" and "ketchup". :)

Once the glaze has dried overnight, it's time for assembly. Fun!

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Cookie BBQ: Hamburger or Hot Dog?

My latest fun summer cookie project.....

Want some pickles & tomatoes with that burger?

Ketchup or mustard on your dog? about both?!

Previous BBQ Cookie Posts:

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