Jungle Buddies Cookie Collection

When I started making this set of jungle animals......

I never dreamed it would turn out the way it did.

One thing led to another.......(story of my cookie life!) and suddenly I had

a collection of six different animals with all kinds of plaque and accent cookies.

I've always wanted to do jungle animals......and I finally got my chance.

Faces are NOT my forte.

I tend to minimize the details because as soon as I start adding stuff......

the appearance goes downhill quickly.

So this is why you only see very simple eyes, nose, and mouth.

Simple is good, right?

Now that I own some very cool

Helvetica letter cutters.


I use them every chance I get.

How fun to make animal prints on all the letters! :)

Zebras packed up in a

14 x 10 BRP box.....

A smaller elephant set for my daughter's friend.....in a

brown 10 x 7 BRP box


And of course......the whole gang packaged in a

14 x 10 BRP box


My favorite......

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Hippopotamus Cookies (Tutorial)

And last, but certainly not least......Mr Hippo.

I absolutely love his toothy grin. :)

Squish a large


so it is somewhat oval.

Add a medium-sized


over the top of the oval.

Use a small

oval cutter

for ears.

Finally, add

small rectangles

for the teeth. :)

Once baked,

outline and flood

the upper part of the face in gray

10-second glaze

. (shown below)

While the glaze is wet, drop two

black pearls

onto the face for eyes.

After at least 30 minutes dry time, outline & flood the large oval muzzle,

adding large darker gray wet-on-wet circles for nostrils.

Oops.....I didn't photograph this part, but after some dry time, outline/food the teeth in white glaze.

(You can also add some gray accent lines to the ears.....see below.)

Dry overnight.

Add cheek color with a cotton tipped swab and

pink pearl dust

and the eyebrow & mouth lines with a

black food color marker


(P.S. If you want to make it more realistic, don't add the mouth line.

I didn't realize by doing so I made the teeth come out of that poor hippo's chin. :()

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