Will You Go To Prom With Me?

CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, May 29, 2015

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CookieCrazie's Last Two Weeks in Review






Personal Side

It's been two weeks since I wrote my last CookieCrazie Chatter.
Last week my wifi was available to post it.
So here I am with two weeks worth of "chatter". haha

By the time this is posted, I will be well on my way back home from Ukraine.
We leave at about 4 AM CST time from Ukraine today
and will arrive home at nearly midnight Friday night.
It's a long weary trip......but we will be so excited to go home, that nothing else will matter. 

Our trip has been extremely fruitful.
And believe it or not, it has been one of the smoothest trips we've had.
We are so grateful for all the tasks accomplished......
but mostly the people we were able to encourage and brighten.
It has been one of those trips were the outcome is evidence of something
far greater than we could even imagine.

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words.
I am so blessed to have such sweet supporters of my beloved ministry.
YOU are a part of it as you come read my blog and tutorials.
Thank you!

Next week.....after some recovery time......I will get back to cookies and being more active online.


Instagram photos for the last two weeks:

Taking off for Ukraine today.....Excited.
200 cookies will be en route with me. :)

Happy Friday! We are currently in Vienna, Austria....
and leave for Ukraine in just 3 hours. :)

 We are in Borislov Ukraine.......
already working hard preparing for the next week's visiting. 
We bought lots of food to share with the seniors. ❤❤
First time with wifi since we've been there.....

Happy Sunday!

A fun project we are making for the senior tea.....
DumDum sucker bouquets. :)

Favorite cookie of last year's breakfast set..... #tbt #throwback

Happy Saturday!
I'm at a restaurant with wifi today and getting a chance to catch up on all-things-internet. :)
We are doing well and are accomplishing so much in Ukraine.

Continuing to take the passion of cookie decorating to the Ukrainian people.
Yesterday, we made 170 heart and plaque cookies for a basic decorating class I'm teaching
at the women's retreat on Monday.
I can't wait to share this with the ladies!! ❤

Happy Tuesday!

Her first anniversary with Jake is this coming Sunday. :) #tbt #throwback


Last CookieCrazie Chatter....

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Will You Go To Prom With Me? Cookie Collection

I had the distinct privilege of creating a set of cookies for a family friend to ask his girl to prom.

What a fun way to present the question!

Knowing Harlee Ann's favorite color is dark blue...I took off with lots of ideas swirling in my head. :)



I even made a matching set of cookies for the family to share.

Here's Andrew and Harlee Ann right after he asked her the big question.....

And her response came back just as clever as the question in cookies.....
She gave Andrew a puzzle to complete to learn her answer.

She said YES!
(uhhh....actually she said, "I'm bursting to go to prom with you")

And then, the big day arrived.
What a gorgeous couple......actually LOTS of gorgeous couples. :)

Will You Go to Prom With Me? Cookie Collection

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Flower Bouquet Cookie (Tutorial)

Flower bouquet cookies fit well with a prom or wedding cookie set.

This bouquet uses the CookieCrazie custom cupcake cutter.
Trim it as shown below.

Outline and flood the entire cookie in green glaze.

Wait approximately 30 minutes.
Pipe random stem lines all over the green glaze.

For added dimension, knead in a tiny amount of water to some green edible clay
and put it in a piping bag.

Use a #4 round tip to pipe some strong vertical stem lines from the bottom
of the cookie into the flared area.

Using a leaf tip with the same green clay, pipe random leaves all over the flared area.

Continuing with the green clay, use the grass tip to make lots of stems all over the top of the cookie.

Mold some edible clay flowers using a variety of colors.
Flower molds shown are here, here, and here.

Add some dots and shapes of glaze to resemble various flowers.

If desired, tie a ribbon around the base of the cookie.

Will You Go to Prom With Me? Cookie Collection

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Prom / Bridesmaid Dress Cookie (Tutorial)

I had the distinct privilege of making cookies for a family friend
to help him asked his girl to the prom.
Her favorite color is dark blue.....
so it made sense to add an elegant blue dress cookie to the assortment.

Rather than use a special cutters for the dress and suit,
it seemed better to pick a simple shape and depict part of the image on the cookie.

For the dress, I choose both an elongated oval and a common plaque cutter.
Both shapes managed to fit the design.

Outline and flood the cookie with a bodice, waist, and skirt.
(see photo below)

Allow the glaze to dry for 1-2 hours and then using a cake tester, add some pleats to the skirt.

Once the glaze has dried for a total of 4 hours (approximate timing),
press a swirly line texture mat into the glaze.

Add a waist band with the same color glaze.
(see photo below)

After the waist band has dried for at least 30 min, add a rosette swirl on top.

Allow the cookie to dry overnight.

To help the texture stand out on the dress, brush on super pearl dust.

Will You Go to Prom With Me? Cookie Collection

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