Golf Ball in the Grass (Tutorial)

Making a simple cookie of a golf ball sitting on a tee in the grass is fairly easy.

You start off with two basic shapes. 

"Cut & Paste" as shown. ;)

Decorate as follows....

After short periods of drying time.....keep adding more grass until your happy with it.

And here's the finished cookies..........

We're back to's hard to say the word.....winter. :( It's cold and rainy with possible freezing temps these next few days. Enough is enough. Bring on spring with all it's green glory. :)

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Need Some Grace....Things Don't Always Turn Out As Planned

I have to admit......I tend to only show you my best side. Who wouldn't? With complete control over which words are written....and which photos are shown on a blog, why would anyone show their "less than perfect (ha!)" side.

Well.....contrary to the words and images here that may give you the impression that every cookie I touch turns out must know that there are plenty I don't show you. So forgive me for making you think I've got this cookie decorating thing all together. I do not. I work hard.....make lots of cookies, have learned LOTS.....but I certainly don't have success in all the cookies I do.

To prove it to you.....I'll show you my attempt of the gopher in the movie "Caddyshack". (Note to self: Just because you have a photo of an image doesn't mean you can recreate it on a cookie......even with a KopyKake!)

So here's the image I was given for reference. (I'm showing you this so that hopefully you can see a little similarity. lol)

And here's my attempt. I'm CRINGING as I'm downloading this. Please don't laugh!

Ugh! :(

All I can say is I've learned a lot from these cookies......what NOT to do.....and even what TO do. The main thing I learned is not to try to emulate a actual photo of an animal or person. This shows how much I am NOT an artist. As I've heard Callye say in the past, and I believe about myself.....I'm a replicator........but only of drawings and clipart. ;) try to save face, I'll show you one of my better cookies from the golf set. I did these golf carts two years ago.....but I think I improved them quite a bit.

Here's the golf cart from 2009 (sorry for the not-so-good photo):

And here's the 2011 version:

OK....I think I've stopped cringing now. :)

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Making Golf Tees (Tutorial)

Expect to see golf related cookies this week......just warning ya. ;)

I wanted to do golf tees.....a nice simple cookie. I've seen a few other cookie decorators do them, but I had not seen a cutter. Since I had a specific shape and look in mind, it seemed like a time to pull one of Sweet Sugar Belle's tricks and reshape a dog bone cutter. I have several on hand "just in case".

I reshaped a dog bone cutter into a golf tee cutter. Yes, I realize it doesn't look like one from the cutter, but it will when I get done with it. :)

I outlined in black.....and then filled with color.

Once the tee is filled with color, add the black "circle" to the top while it is still wet.

And then add more lines to finish it with a black food color marker.

I'll catch you at "tee time" tomorrow. ;)

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