Envelope cookies

Add Envelopes & Lips to those Valentines Day Heart Cookies....

The Valentine Days Heart Cookie train is rolling into the station.

It picked up some love notes and kisses on a couple of stops.

Oh what fun this holiday is.......but then I think I say that about all the holidays. ;)

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Sending Love.....Cookie Style (Tutorial)

Do you wanna send some love?

Here's some fairly simple cookies to make for your loved ones.

For the envelopes.....outline a square or rectangle cookie in white including the flaps.

 Notice the one on the left.....I did it first. I like the two on the right better. hee hee :)
In them, I made the upper flap go down deeper into the bottom.....making it looking more realistic.

Let the outline dry for 20-30 min.

Then add sections. Start with the outer two triangles. (Dry for 10-15 min between each).

Add the bottom next....and let dry.

Finally add the upper flap. Notice I added more icing on the right cookie. Do that! ;) 
(But don't add so much that it collapses.....just enough to give it that 3D puff look.)

I forgot to take pics of adding the lips. I'm so bad with that! Please forgive me?

Be sure the white has dried overnight! (very important)

Outline the lips and fill....adding red disco dust with a brush later, if you'd like.
I also added a little heart on the bottom (surprise, surprise).

Now on to the postage stamps.....

You'll need a rectangle cookie.... it could be a square cookie, as well.
I used my fluted cutters.....but it can be a straight edge.

Outline with a "bites out" edge....just like a postage stamp.
It's basically straight edge, then half circle.....straight edge, then half circle.

If you want the middle to be a different color, also outline a rectangle in the middle.
I did it both ways so you could see.

After that has dried for 10-15 minutes.....flood the middle....either the whole thing or just the outer edge.
 For a pattern like the two middle cookies, you'll need to add details while the flood is still wet.
I added a rectangle with my darker red to the one on the left.
To the one on the right, I added a rectangle & hearts in darker pink and then light pink polka dots.

I let all of the above dry overnight.

Once thoroughly dry, flood the middle of the outer two stamps with red and white, respectively.
To the red stamp, (2nd from left) I added a white outline and the word LOVE.

Later (especially later for the red middle....since red is bad for bleeding),
add hearts or "Love" or whatever strikes your fancy. :)
Use your creativity. There is so much more you could do with these.
Since I was doing a bunch of other designs.....I didn't take a lot of time with these.
I'm certain they could be so much cuter.

Now I'm sending love to all of you......cookie style! 

Have fun making Valentines cookies.

They are some of the most fun cookies to make all year.

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Sealed With A Kiss......Valentines Cookies

I've been busy with red, pink & white icing. :)

Want to send some love? How about some love letters sealed with a kiss......

Be sure to put some LOVE-ly stamps on those envelopes.....either red......

or pink ones.......

Tutorial coming tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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