Berry Berry Cookie Collection

This cookie collection all came about because I found these cute ceramic fruit crates at Michaels.
As soon as I saw them.....I thought, "I should make some berry cookies to put in them." 
That's the first time the photo prop came BEFORE the cookies. ;)

This was a very rewarding set of cookies.
I studied each berry and tried to make them as authentic as I could.

And I've gotten more compliments on these cookies than most others.

Here's the whole gang all together.
I loved photographing them!





Berry Berry Cookie Collection

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CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, April 4, 2014


CookieCrazie's Week in Review




Personal Side

It took me an entire week to "recover" from being gone at Cookie Con 2014.
I needed to catch up on sleep, family life, housework, blog work, etc etc.
I needed to write a full recap of the event.....which you will find here.
And then there were tons of little things that got neglected....and needed my attention.
But I finally achieved "getting caught up" this week.

Cookie Con was an amazing event
As I continue to see photos and memories from others......I just smile and smile.
It's one of those things that is kind-of-like a mountain top experience.

This week I had to dive back into cookie "work".
[It's really not to work to can something so fun be work?!]

I'm an instructor at CookiesCool in Genoa Italy come November.
(It was orginally supposed to be the first of May......but got postponed.)

The organizers have made a bunch of changes to the format......
and I needed to come up with two additional classes to teach at the event.
They asked for some Christmas-related guess what my themes have been this week?
Christmas quilting......and snowflakes. :)
{I'm a little hesitant to share the snowflakes for fear that people will revolt after our harsh winter!]

My daughter's bridal shower was Sunday. 
What a delightful time!
I'll do a full post on it soon.
The cookies were a hit......but best of all, my sweet girl LOVED them. :)

Wedding cookies coming up next month.....


Instagram photos for this week:

This is the time (probably past time) for those beautiful little crocus to pop up all over. :)
Love them! Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Saturday!

Fabulous day yesterday celebrating at my baby girl's bridal shower.
Cookies to match invitation.....made with lots of love.

I know.....I know.....Christmas in April is a little much.
But come November in Italy it will be awesome. 


Last CookieCrazie Chatter....

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CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, March 28, 2014

Cookie Con 2014 happened last week.
See the "official photos" HERE.
Stay tuned for a full CookieCrazie report SOON! :)


CookieCrazie's Week in Review




Personal Side

Oh my.....CookieCon was fabulous.
I have so many things I want to write.....but I'll save it for my CookieCon 2014 post
coming soon!

As you'll see in the below Instagram photos.....
I posted lots and lots of photos the entire time I was at CC.

I was thinking of those at home who were sad and lonely.....
and wanted to make sure they were kept up to date on what was happening.

Since the CookieCon 2014 post is taking me a LLOOOONNNNGGG time to put together.....
I'll keep this short. :)

Instagram photos for this week:

The views on my flight from Phoenix to SLC.....stunning!
I even got to see the Grand Canyon!!
God's creation is incredible. :)
Thankful to arrive safely.
CookieCon may now commence.... 

Morning at Orson Gygi. Fun!
 Tatiana is from she was the big buyer.
She can't get such products in Russia.

Everyone's registered......and CookieCon is now about to begin!!!

Opening Night of CookieCon 2014.....via Arty McGoo. WOW!

SugarShow Entries..... 1
 SugarShow Entries..... 2

Sweet friends.....1

Sweet friends.....2

Georganne (LilaLoa) on local SLC news show this week.

 CookieCon SugarShow.....3

CC SugarShow.....4

Sweet friends.....3

CC SugarShow.....5

Sweet friends.....4

CookieCon 2014.....44 States and 16 countries represented.....
famous visitors....awesome prizes!!! 

CookieCon 2014.... @sweetambs & @chapixcookies sharing their tips

CookieCon 2014..... @thepaintedcookie & Lilaloa 

I just got finished doing a LIVE interview at ABC 4 News in Salt Lake City.
We talked about CookieCon and decorating cookies.
Fun! that it's over and I can breath again. ;)

 SLC by day....and by night. :)

CC Sugar Show....6

 Sugar Show.....7

BRP is awesome! Kip & Connie did a presentation this morning.....
and unveiled the new basket we developed in the last few months!
Fun stuff. :)

 The Kip & Arty Dance Off!

Cookie Friends.....

 Box & Cookie Friends....

Open Decorating

Goof in' off at the @brpboxshop vendor booth at #cookiecon14. :)

#cookiecon14 Mystery Shape Cookie Decorating Contest....

 Final night of CookieCon with friends.....

Final night of CookieCon.....Thanks Karen & Mike!!

 Final full day in SLC with friends.
Bittersweet......lots of goodbyes.

Final full day in SLC. Lots of goodbyes.....bittersweet.

Last few CookieCon-ers heading out today.
MORE new friends.....and being blessed with Sweet friends.....time with Michelle Jones from UK. :) 
My bag only weighs 45.8 lbs.....even after buying a few things at Anthropology. 

 So long beautiful SLC! Excited about going HOME!

 Oh @brpboxshop..... Have I told you lately how awesome you are?! :)
Thanks for being a love-able vendor and sponsor at #cookiecon14!
We love our boxes AND love our BRP!

Between Pre-orders, #cookiecon14 purchases, SLC purchases, and gifts.....
I see lots of fun playing with cookies in my future! :)

 THIS is what I started on as soon as I got home from CookieCon.
My baby girl is getting married in May.
This is her shower invitation....and the cookies for Sunday's event. :)

Spring and Easter......we're waiting expectantly. 


Last CookieCrazie Chatter....

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Blackberry Cookies (Tutorial)

Decorating blackberry cookies are very similar to decorating raspberry cookies.
Pretty much the only differences are size and color.

Just like with raspberries, roll together a short "log" with dough and then cut it in half.
Each half can be a berry with a domed front.

I had an initial "brilliant" thought to make the "drupelets" (official name) of the blackberry
in dough form and add them to the domed log.
Don't try this at home! haha

I had to dip the baked cookies in thinned glaze and it was super messy.

And even with all the work......they didn't turn out very well.
Live and learn, right?

So the BETTER way to decorate blackberries, is the exact same method as the raspberries.
Mix up a very deep dark blue glaze.
(Combine Americolor Royal Blue, Super Black, & Regal Purple.)

Outline and flood the cookies.

Give the base-coat about one hour to dry.
Then add oval "drupelets" of glaze all over the cookie in haphazard rows.
Make sure they are not touching, since glaze will run together.

Another fairly easy cookie.....
To me the hardest part was getting the glaze color just right. ;)

Berry Berry Cookie Collection

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Happy 18th Birthday, Allison

So my youngest of five has just turned 18. Yikes.....where has the time gone? 

Allison will always be my baby. :) She's a pretty special young lady. I knew she would enjoy some very special cookies for her I went all out. First the Vera Bradley inspired cookies....and then some other very distinct cookies for my girl.

Allison LOVES Starbucks coffee and frapuccinos. In fact, everyone knows she loves it so much....that she ended up with $55 worth of Starbucks gift cards for her birthday. hee hee

And then her fifth appendage.......her Blackberry. :)

The Allison's 18th Birthday Collection......

I'll be going out of town on Wednesday.....and be gone for nearly I'm not sure how much blog time I'll have before I leave. But I promise to try to post one more time before I go.

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