spelling with cookies

Cookies.....Made With Love....

"These cookies were made with love."
That is a phrase I often use when sharing my cookies with others.

In this day and age, you can find cookies anywhere.....anytime.
And they can even be a super delicious treat.

But there is something very very special about a cookie made with love.

It is made with the recipient in mind........with the desire to bring delight and joy.

Much care is taken to use excellent fresh ingredients with a super delicious outcome.

And the decorating is painstakingly executed to give the greatest eye appeal.

Did it take a lot of effort? You bet!

Is the cookie ridiculously detailed? Many times.....yes.

Was it wasted time? Absolutely not!
It was time well spent to give the biggest WOW response.

And why?
Because there's love involved.

Our creations are made to not only provide a sweet treat.......
but give others the special gift of saying "You are loved".

I think that is why baked goods are so popular and why so many love to create treats for others.
It's a gift that goes beyond a gorgeous sight and a yummy taste.
It reaches all the way to the heart.

Thus......Valentines Day is such a huge holiday for cookie decorators.

Spreading lots and lots of love around with beautifully decorated cookies. :)

These Helvetica alphabet cutters are found here.

Valentines 2014 Cookie Collection

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Spelling the Autumn Season in Cookies (Tutorial)

Even after several years of cookie decorating......
I still don't like how my handwriting looks on a cookie.

And yet.....I love conveying messages in my cookie collections.

Enter these cute little letter cutters from Hobby Lobby.... :)

They are a little tricky to get the sugar cookie dough to release from the cutter.
But if you gently coax them out with the end of a paintbrush (or something similar)
you can get them out minus too much damage.

When you bake them up, include a bunch of shapes that you can put behind them.

In this set.....I used regular sugar cookie dough for the letters and
chocolate cut-out dough for the background cookies.
This allowed for very little decorating.....but still quite a bit of "pop" in the final appearance.

I "glued" the letters to the background cookies with glaze.....
and then outlined the letter and the background shape.
Easy peasy.....

In the next set, I outlined and flooded the letters in white.

On fluted squares......I decorated lots of different "fallish" patterns.

Adding the white letters on top worked out well.

And finally.....to get even more fancy with letters,
pick a theme and make a different background shape for each letter.
Make sure you pick sizes that will work well together.
You can decorate as detailed or as plain as you'd like with the various shapes.

I am grateful and thankful that God allows me to do something I love......

and I'm grateful and thankful for YOU following my blog and encouraging my efforts!

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