Airbrushed Lace Heart Cookies (Tutorial)

Heart cookies are a common wedding cookie......
so it made sense to plan on doing them for Allison's  wedding favor cookies.
But I wanted to make them a little unique and special.

I had noticed that Heather at SugarNosh Treats had been playing around with airbrushing using lace.
I asked her about it and she offered to send me a piece of her lace that she was using.
How awesome is that! :)
(Thanks Heather for being so kind and giving me the tool I needed to make special cookies.)

They ended up being one of the biggest hits at the wedding.
People were amazed at the beauty of the lace pattern on the heart cookies.

They're fairly simple to make......once you have a piece of appropriate lace and an airbrush.

Outline and flood the heart cookies in whatever color desired.
Allow them to dry overnight.

Stretch out your lace material across a needlework hoop and snap it in place.
(Both the lace material and the hoop can be found at Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabric.)

Lay the stretched lace over the heart cookies.
Spray pearl sheen airbrush color evenly over them.

Beautiful and simple.......a great combination.

Allison & Jake's Wedding Cookie Collection

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Allison & Jake's Wedding Cookie Collection

My youngest daughter, Allison, got married in May.
I had the privilege of making cookies for the event. :)
(I wouldn't have missed the opportunity!)

I made three basic cookies that were given as favors at each place setting.

First, a carved tree trunk cookie with Allison and Jake's initials. (tutorial)


Next, some mason jar cookies to fit their folksy woodland-like theme. (tutorial)

And finally, lace airbrushed heart cookies in colors to match the wedding colors. (tutorial)


Here's my attempt at making cookies similar to the wedding cake design.
(Boy, was that harder than I thought it would be!)

And finally, a whole set of cookies just for Allison and Jake.
I've been wanting to decorate that wedding car for a LONG time. :)

It was a treat to wrap up these special cookies up in a beautiful BRP Box. :)
Allison and Jake loved them. ♥

Allison & Jake's Wedding Cookie Collection

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Wedding Mason Jar Cookies (Tutorial)

The second wedding favor cookie made for my daughter's May wedding was a mason jar.
I've done several mason jar cookies......but this one needed to be as simple as possible.
With the volume being done, simplicity was a big part of the criteria. :)

 Mason Jar Cutter (used on this project)

Outline and flood the entire jar and lid with white 10-second glaze.
After about 30 minutes, outline and flood the lid with an additional layer of white glaze.

Using a 1.5 PME tip, add jar details as shown below.

Once the lid has dried for approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours, 
use a cake tester to make horizontal and vertical indentations across the lid as shown below.

Dry over night.

Using sky blue airbrush color, lightly airbrush a slanted shadow across the top and bottom of the jars.

Paint the jar lid with silver coloring.
An alternative is to mix vodka (or almond extract) with silver luster dust.

Nice and simple. :)

Allison & Jake's Wedding Cookie Collection

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Carved Tree Trunk Cookies (Tutorial)

My youngest daughter got married at the end of May.
We had fun choosing cookies that went with her reception theme and colors.

This is the first of three cookies made for the reception favors.

To make carved tree trunk cookies, start with some basic rectangle-shaped cookies.

To give them a carved-out look,
spread tan glaze over the middle part of the "trunk", where the heart "cut-out" will be.

Allow this to dry for about 30 minutes.
While the inside part continues to dry enough to add the initials,
use medium brown glaze to outline the rectangle and an outline of the heart over the drying glaze.
Flood the outer area with medium brown glaze.
(see photo below)

Once the inner tan glaze has dried for at least 2 hours,
use this letter press set to put initials into the carve-out.
I used the end of the boo-boo stick to make the plus sign.

Allow the outer medium brown glaze to dry for at least 2 hours, 
and then press the wood grain texture mat into them.

Dry overnight.

Using Americolor Bright white, chocolate brown, and gold color gels,
mix up various bark-like colors and paint them on the outer bark of each cookie.

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