Monday, June 29, 2015

Wood Plank American Flag Cookies (Tutorial)

Having seen so many perfectly joined cookie "puzzles" in recent days,
I was always discouraged because once I baked the dough pieces that were to fit together,
they always baked up "wonky" and never matched up well together.

But then I learned the secret.
You cut the pieces, bake them together,
and while the cookies are still hot out of the oven,
re-cut all the pieces.

I had a perfect opportunity to try out my new baking tip with this "wooden" Americana flag.

With it's homespun look, there was no need for precision.
So I just cut a huge random rectangle cookie.
From the rectangle, cut out a star corner and thin wooded planks that will represent the stripes.
(see photo below)

Once they've baked together, carefully re-cut all the pieces.
They will then fit together beautifully!

Outline and flood the corner square with blue glaze.
Outline and flood the wood blanks with alternating red or white stripes.
(see photo below)

After the blue square has dried for at least an hour, add a random white star over its top.

Dry the cookies overnight.

Make a mixture of chocolate brown, gold, and white gel colors to form a dirty tan color.
Using a fan brush, brush across all surfaces to give them a wooden look.

Independence Day 2015 Cookie Collection

Friday, June 26, 2015

CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, June 26, 2015

CookieCrazie is teaching hands-on classes in the coming days!

CookieCrazie will be teaching Pre-CookieCon classes!
Click here for more details.


CookieCrazie's Week in Review


Personal Side

It was a great cookie week.
I got to try out several new techniques on autumn cookies.
Yep......I went there.
I'm even going to do some more fall cookies this next week.

The next few months are filling up with some really exciting opportunities.
I can't believe the things I'm being allowed to do.
This week I did an interview that could pan out to be a super exciting adventure.
We'll see......(that's a popular phrase for us while we are in Ukraine. haha)

June is nearly done.
Oh how the time flies.
I'm sure it doesn't help when I hurry the seasons by doing cookies ahead. ;)


Instagram photos for this week:

This set was so fun to make.
#fathersday #dad

Something I've wanted to try for a long time....

Happy Fathers Day!
Wishing Dads a wonderful day celebrating YOU!

Ummmmmm.....yes please!
Stay cool on this warm Tuesday. :)

Patriotic Quilt Square Cookies from last year.....
#tbt #throwback


Last CookieCrazie Chatter....

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Shabby Chic American Flag Cookie (Tutorial)

Icing ruffles have intrigued me for years.....but I could never do them with glaze.

Now using edible clay, I can!
Expect to see lots of icing ruffles in the coming days. ;)

I tried out lots of new things with this cute shabby chic flag cookie.
The new burlap texture mat worked perfectly for adding the background textures.
And the edible clay ruffles added just the right amount of dimension to make this flag pop. :)

Using a square cookie, outline and flood navy glaze over the left top corner of the cookie
and white glaze over the rest of the flag.
(see photo below)

Allow the glaze to dry for approximately 4 hours and then apply the silicone texture mat.

Dry cookie overnight.

Mold a thin layer of edible clay to the burlap texture mat and freeze for at least 30 minutes.
Carefully peel the clay back from the mold and cut out a star to fit over the blue square of the cookie.
(see photo below)

Add a tiny amount of water to some red edible clay to make it pipe-able. 
 With a #46 basketweave tip (flat side up) make ruffle stripes across the white portion of the cookie.
(see photo below)

Independence Day 2015 Cookie Collection
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