decorating sugar cookies with glaze icing. summer

Down By The Sea

So I rested for a week after my trip and then this week I couldn't wait any longer. It had been four whole weeks since I'd decorated cookies......and it was TIME. lol 

I haven't had a chance to do summer themed cookies yet, so after choosing seventeen shapes and fourteen colors (I've got to keep the "crazie" in my name!), I set to work. Boy have I had fun these last two days.....learned lots of new things, and thoroughly covered the summer theme. =)

I'll take two posts to show you all the cookies. Since I kind of went overboard (no pun intended!) with variety, I figure I wouldn't overwhelm you in one post.

Here's ship wheels and lighthouses.......these are not extremely exciting, but they look cool when you put them with all the other ocean themed cookies.
I'm very happy with how the ship anchors came of my new cutters :) 
And I'm thrilled with this "sea critter" collection.

Group shot.....
I'll post the rest of my summer collection tomorrow. Stay tuned for LOTS of color.

P.S. I just added a new feature to my blog. You can sign up to receive an email every time I add a new blog post. Click on the link on the top of the right side bar.

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Delivery To Ukraine: Mission Accomplished :)

I arrived home from Ukraine on Sunday morning. I had a fantastic trip......there were lots of wonderful things accomplished and such a sweet, amazing time with the people. I'm blessed. :) I have to admit that it was the most challenging mission trip I've ever been on. We met resistance in the circumstances constantly. But the return was too great to let the difficulties mar what God did. If you want to read more, check out my CrazieCommitment blog 

I never got to post the final pics of all the cookies I took to the Ukraine. It ended up being over 100 cookies along with 10 boxed sets. Most made it with no problem.....although I had a small number of broken or slightly crushed ones. Overall, they traveled very well. :)
Here are the cookies I gave to each team member.....there were 35 of us. Shew......that was quite a bunch of cookies to make beyond all the ones I wanted to make for the Ukrainians!!

I added a Bible verse to each one hoping to encourage each team member.
Here's a small sampling of the 70 plus cookies I gave out to the Ukrainians that we visited each day in their homes. It was such a joy to share with them and see the delight on their faces. A few of the ladies kissed the cookie when I gave it to them. Precious! 
And here is a sampling of the boxed sets I made for some of the ladies we were able to minister to. From what I saw....most won't even consider opening the box and eating them. 

I have pics to share with you from Ukraine.....but I'm still recovering and haven't had a chance to get all the photos together. Give me a few more days, and I'll be back to "normal".

It is VERY good to be home. :)

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Cookies To Go

I leave for a two week mission trip to Ukraine I've been baking and decorating all week for my team members and the Ukrainians. Pure joy!

Here's the logo for our Ukraine Connections team. The t-shirt emblem is on the top.

I tried to make small cookies that the Ukrainians would recognize and bring a smile.
Here is the set I am going to use in small gift boxes for all the ladies I'll meet with for Bible study the second week. I wanted to do something extra special for them since they are near and dear to my heart. I'm crazie about the mini ladybug and dragonfly. :)

I hope to take pics of the gift boxes today. In case I don't have time to post before I leave in the can follow my trip at my Ukraine blog here.

It's time to turn off the oven, put down the decorating bag, and go love on the Ukrainians. :)

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Happy Birthday America!!!!

I had more patriotic fun yesterday. :) You may get a bit tired of the same three colors.....but it IS the Fourth of July. lol

Here's a bunch of minis. I just LOVE that little birthday cupcake cutter. Cute, cute. :)

I took red white and blue with me where ever I went yesterday. I don't know if there is a such thing as patriotic candy corn or red and blue cones or ice cream.....but I did them anyway. :)
I've been wanting to do Uncle Same hats, so here they are......and here is a birthday cake for America. Notice the firecrackers again. (I've decided to stay away from the exploding ones. :)) 
Snow cones, funky watermelon and flip flops. (I was SO EXCITED to be able to do the flower pattern on the flip flops. I've seen that done by many other decorators and didn't think I could do it....but I did it. :)
My favorites......quilts. This are new patterns for me.....and I really love how they turned out. I can't wait to try these out for every season. :)))))
My last assortment of patriotic cookies for summer 2010....
Hopefully I can sell everyone of these this weekend. Everything made by tomorrow night we can take on the trip with us. I'm almost to my $2000 goal (since January 2010)! Hip hip hooray. :)

Now on Monday, I'll need to get started on cookies for the Ukrainians. I leave on Friday for my two week mission there is lots to do in the next six days. But first....I need to get through working tomorrow.....and then I'm free and clear.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! What a blessed country we live in. May God continue to bless us.

Oh how I love America. =)

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Traumatic Week.......

This week turned out so different than I had planned. Oh my! I'm glad I didn't know about it ahead of time.

My son, Neil, went on a mission trip to Haiti last week sponsored by his college, Hannibal LaGrange College. Their team of 15 had a great week and had accomplished so much, but on Sunday afternoon on their way back from church, as 30+ people stood in the back of a open bed truck with only railings around the sides, the brakes went out as they were going down the mountain. In an effort to avoid going over a cliff at 60 mph, the driver (who was the Haitian missionary that they'd worked with all week) drove the truck up the side of the mountain overturning it, but saving everyone's lives. Most were thrown about 60 feet according to witnesses. All sustained injuries, but miraculously, no one was killed nor was anyone in critical condition. It was obvious that the hand of God was on them all.

Neil called me Monday morning and told me just a few details. He and some of the team were flying home that day as originally scheduled. (A few of the team members had serious enough injuries that they were taken by helicopter to Miami to be hospitalized.) He and nine other team members arrived at the St. Louis airport at 12:15 AM early Tuesday morning. His college had arranged for all of them to go immediately to a local hospital ER to get checked out. All but one of them were treated and released.

Neil sustained a concussion, badly broken nose, fracture of right orbital bone (cheek bone), fractured transverse process of the lumbar vertebra, many stitches and staples to the face and head, and tons of cuts, scrapes, road rash, and bruises. He received care in Haiti from a US medical team where they stitched him and reset his nose. In St. Louis, they did a CT scan of most of his body and then cleaned all his wounds and bandaged him up. He came home Tuesday morning with lots of healing to do.

We are grateful to God that He preformed the miracle of sparing Neil and his team members lives1 There are still a couple of them in the hospital, so please pray for complete healing for all.

So most of my time this week has been devoted to Neil.....either in giving him care or processing what has happened. He is doing better each day. He's pretty sad about having to have surgery next Thursday to re-set his nose......feeling like it will be a set back in his recovery. Today I reminded him that at least when they fix his nose, he will not have all the other injuries to contend with.....everything else should be mostly healed by then.

Here's a fairly tame pic of Neil arriving at the airport on Tuesday morning. Trust me, he looked a lot worse than this. Poor guy said he couldn't even cry because it would hurt his face too much. He is a TOUGH one, he is! And I'm extremely proud of him.

If you'd like to read a bit more about the accident, check out his college's website article.

Even though I didn't do much but take care of Neil this week, I still had a couple of cookie orders to fulfill. I hoped it would distract me and maybe even be a stress reliever, but instead, for probably the first time, it was a bit of a chore. With all the interruptions and additional things to do, getting the cookies done proved to be a huge challenge. But I did it! And the recipients were very happy. :)

I thought you might like to see the new labels I've started making to add to my boxes or bags. I bought a punch that will allow me to add any color to the background with the logo on top. :)

And here's my random set of cookies for this week.

This next week proves to be super busy. Neil has doctor's appointments and his surgery. My two youngest, Keith and Allison are graduating next Saturday. We are having out of town company (who have volunteered to stay in a hotel.....of which I'm grateful), and then an graduation open house next Sunday. I have to not think about it all.....because it overwhelms me so much.

I've reserved the week for only doing cookies for Keith & Allison and their no orders to fill this week. Boy I'm glad I set that boundary a few weeks ago! Hopefully I can enjoy the memories and have a great time celebrating this special time of K & A's lives.....but also the completion of 18 years of homeschooling my kids!

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