baby shower cookies

Elephant Themed Baby Girl Shower Decorated Cookie Collection

I'd just like to say that this "being a GRAMMY" phenomenon is incredibly wonderful.
My second grandchild arrived late this spring.....HER name is Emmy Kate.  πŸ’—

I already LOVE to create cookies for others, but when it's for my grandchildren, it is the BEST.
Just knowing that some day Emmy will see the photos of these cookies and delight in the idea that she is so incredibly loved by her Grammy.......brings me pure joy.
Plus, I love to spoil those around me with cookies.
And baking/decorating is definitely my love language. :)

The  baby shower had an elephant creating cute elephants and lots of other baby cookies to match was super fun.

Welcome Emmaline Kate!
We think you're awesome...... πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


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Ellie the Elephant Decorated Cookie (Tutorial)

When I was approached about contributing an animal shape for Cookie Cutters for Charity, I immediately knew I wanted to do an elephant. My daughter-in-law was using elephants to decorate for our second grandchild arriving in May 2017. I had already planned to make some cute elephant cookies for the baby shower. So this was the perfect chance to come up with a cute shape for both the shower and the charity event. It was a win win for both!

I created this tutorial thinking that the cutters would be available by now, but I'm told they won't be ready until probably October 2017. So stay tuned for the chance to purchase a whole set of animal cookie cutters by a bunch of diverse cookie decorators for a good cause. :)

Ellie the Elephant (which is not an original name.....but since my granddaughter is Emmy, it fit) was born.

She's pretty easy to decorate. Just outline and flood the entire shape in the color glaze of your choice. Add a wet-on-wet pattern if desired. Allow it to dry for about 1 hour before adding a second layer for the head, ears, and trunk. (see photos below)

While the second layer is still wet, add two black pearls for her eyes.

And if you are so inclined, add stitch marks and eyebrows with a black edible food color marker.


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