Happy Harvest Decorated Cookie Collection

Autumn has to be top on my list of seasons!
And all the rustic-ness comes together in this favorite harvest cookie collection.

I hope this finds you enjoying the beauty and yumminess of the season!

Happy Harvest!!!

Pumpkin Patch Sign Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)   Pumpkin Decorated Cookie YouTube Video HERE


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Pumpkin Latte Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Pumpkin lattes.......they are all the rage during this harvest season.
I have family members that are crazy about them. 

Here's a YouTube video to show the entire process to make pumpkin latte cookies.

Using a cookie cutter with a mug shape that includes whipped cream piled on top (see links below), it's fairly easy to decorate a cookie up for the pumpkin latte season.

The video shares all the details.....first the mug body, then the handle, then the layers of "whipped cream" with a sprinkle of actual cinnamon on top. :)
And be sure to include either a cute pumpkin cookie on the front of the mug, or cut a mini pumpkin shape into partially dried glaze and then decorate the shape with piped glaze.

Here's some potential mug cutters to use:
Hot Cocoa Mug #1 by BobbisCookiesCutters
Hot Cocoa Mug #2 by BobbisCookiesCutters
Hot Cocoa Mug #3 by BobbisCookiesCutters
Tall Mug by TheCookieBoxCCS
Short Mug by TheCookieBoxCCS


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Pumpkin Patch Sign Decorated Cookies (Tutorial)

Oh how I love all the rustic styling that is so appropriate for the harvest season!
Just the thought of all the wood and "antiqued"-looking decor makes me giddy. :)

The pumpkin patch is a favorite go-to place for folks to celebrate the season.
What better location to point out on an adorable sign cookie....

I wanted to incorporate the wood grain effect into this cute sign-shaped cutter from BobbisCookiesCutters on Etsy.


As you'll see on the video, I used two different impression mats to create the wood effect.
I pushed the mat face down into the dough and rolled the rolling pin over it to make a marked impression.
For the main post I used this woodgrain mat.
For the actual rectangular sign, I used this wood panel texture mat.
You'll need to cut out the sign within each pattern, but you'll trim the second one to include only the rectangular sign, and lay it on top of the first one.
(This explanation will only make sense once you've watched the video.)

After assembling the impressed dough to make the sign, bake it and cool it.
And then it's time to brush the entire surface with dry dust. First cover it with Golden Leaf dust, and then with Caramel dust. That combination gives an authentic wood color.
(This is also shown on the video.)

You can write anything on the sign you'd like.
Adding an embellishment like the mini pumpkin cookie (or piping a small one on with glaze icing), adds some rustic charm to the sign.