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Let's decorate with each other..... from the comfort of our own homes.
These classes will share with you the CookieCrazie methods of decorating cookies from start to finish from my home to yours. We'll explore all the different techniques, tips, and products used to create delightful cookies with glaze icing, molded cookie dough, and edible clay.

New classes will be added on a regular basis, so check back often.

Here's the cookies featured for the first online decorating class (available below)....


CookieCrazie Academy
Online Decorating Class - November 2017
CCA 101: Christmas Cookies

This online class is designed to share basic instruction and techniques to create four Christmas cookies using glaze icing, molded cookie dough, and edible clay. With this arsenal of information, you can incorporate those same techniques and tips into your decorating style to make it your own. Whether you've decorated for years using glaze (or a different icing), or you have never decorated with ANY icing, this class will benefit you.

Cost: $9.99 USD

All proceeds from the sale of these online classes are donated to the Ukraine mission effort at Ridgecrest Baptist Church.

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CCA101 Christmas Cookies Online Decorating Class - November 2017


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