Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tools on a Pegboard Cookie (Tutorial)

Here's a cute idea for making a fairly simple background on a Fathers Day cookie.

To make the pegboard, use a square or rectangle shaped cookie.
(I used the largest cutter in this set for the example.)
Outline & flood the cookie with dark tan 10-second glaze.
Allow it to dry for at least two hours.

Using the small end of a round #7 tip, gently press into the glaze to make the peg holes.

Allow the holes to set for an hour and then start outlining and flooding the tools.
Get creative.....there's tons of different shapes you can use.

Once they've dried overnight, paint the silver parts with
luster dust mixed with vodka (or almond extract).

Dad's gonna love this delicious version of tinkering around the house. :)


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