Thursday, April 24, 2014

Daffodil Cookies (Tutorial)

I love daffodils.
I know, I seems I say this about so many different flowers.
So I guess I should just say.....I LOVE FLOWERS! :)

But really, there is something so very cheery and admirable about a daffodil.

To try to capture the dimension of the flower, I wanted to add a circle cookie in the center.
It was just the touch I was going for. 

Someone gave me the flower cutter below.....and I don't know where it is available (sorry!)
but this daisy cutter or another flower cutter with pointed petals would work just as well.

Also, cut circle cookies that will fit nicely in the middle of the flower.
Before baking.....smoosh the circle down into the flower with your thumb
to give the center a hollowed-look.

Once it is baked, outline the flower shape with yellow 10-second glaze
Allow it to dry for a few minutes before flooding the circle and petals with yellow glaze.
Note: since you are not only flooding the base cookie, but also a cookie "from above",
you need the outline to be a bit more sturdy.

Give the flooded daffodil a good 30 minutes to dry.
Then add a squiggly outline to the diameter of the circle cookie as shown below.

Dry overnight.

To add a bit of "character" to the flower,
make a mixture of Americolor Egg Yellow gel + Lemon Yellow gel and randomly paint the flower.

 To make the center look hollow,
brush some dry bronze luster dust within the squiggly outline of the circle cookie.
(see photo below)

Spring Flowers Cookie Collection


katydoescookies said...

Love them!!! I tried to do it with just royal icing and it was too much icing. Like your idea better. --Katy

joni said...

These are so beautiful. I had seen your cookies before, but couldn't figure out how you had made them.

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Katy. I tried to do it with layering glaze too......but it was a total fail. So using a circle cookie was the perfect solution. :) ♥

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Joni! :)

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