Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crocus Cookies (Tutorial)

Spring.......the long awaited season has arrived.
And with it.....many beautiful flowers. :)

I've never done crocus cookies before.
They are the flowers that bloom the earliest (often in the snow) and
I didn't want to exclude them in this cookie collection.

There's many different cutter shapes you can use for crocus. 
The goal would be to find something that is bigger on one end and narrows down on the other end.
The cone shape or a triangle are perfect for this.

Crocus come in purple, yellow and white.
Since purple is my favorite color.....I chose it for this variation. ;)

Outline and flood the flower as shown below.
If the cookie shape allows for a stem.....be sure to leave room for it.

Give the first layer about 30 minutes dry time and then add some foreground petals.
With glaze you need to make sure that you keep the petals separate.....or they will run together.

After 30 more minutes, add a few more petals.
The stem can be added now, as well.

Allow them to dry overnight.

Brush on some dry pearl luster dust to give them a beautiful shimmer.

Spring Flowers Cookie Collection


cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Paula. I'm glad I could bring some spring flowers into your slowly approaching spring. :) ♥

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