Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blackberry Cookies (Tutorial)

Decorating blackberry cookies are very similar to decorating raspberry cookies.
Pretty much the only differences are size and color.

Just like with raspberries, roll together a short "log" with dough and then cut it in half.
Each half can be a berry with a domed front.

I had an initial "brilliant" thought to make the "drupelets" (official name) of the blackberry
in dough form and add them to the domed log.
Don't try this at home! haha

I had to dip the baked cookies in thinned glaze and it was super messy.

And even with all the work......they didn't turn out very well.
Live and learn, right?

So the BETTER way to decorate blackberries, is the exact same method as the raspberries.
Mix up a very deep dark blue glaze.
(Combine Americolor Royal Blue, Super Black, & Regal Purple.)

Outline and flood the cookies.

Give the base-coat about one hour to dry.
Then add oval "drupelets" of glaze all over the cookie in haphazard rows.
Make sure they are not touching, since glaze will run together.

Another fairly easy cookie.....
To me the hardest part was getting the glaze color just right. ;)

Berry Berry Cookie Collection


Nancy@SeasonsofJoy said...

Gosh, these are adorable! They would be super cute in a spring basket, like for May Day! We used to deck out strawberry baskets with ribbon woven through the sides, then a pipe cleaner handle (two twisted), and a bow. Filled with cookies, hung on a neighbors doorknob. This was in Iowa, when I was a child, loooong time ago! Oh, a doily inside, before the cookies! A trio of berry cookies would be lovely!

cookiecrazielady said...

We did something similar, Nancy. Miss you! I'm hoping we can get together BEFORE the next Cookie Con......maybe next winter. We'll see. Thanks for always encouraging me. :) ♥

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