Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Build a 3D Beehive Cookie (Tutorial)

You'll need:

  • Yellow Colored-Dough Circle Cookies (see below)
  • Black Colored-Dough Oval Cookie (see below) or
  • Black 10-Second Glaze
  • 10 Second Glaze (for "glue")

A bee hive 3D cookie is quite simple to make.
The hardest part is coloring the dough. ;)

Color dough a bright yellow or gold color.
For suggestions on coloring dough, visit this blog post.
For the hive opening, you can make a black cut-off oval cookie or use black glaze, your choice.

Once your dough is colored, cut out graduated circle cookies.
The number you will need depends on how large/tall you want your hive.
I used nine circles for the large hive and used this set of circle cutters (fluted side).

Line up the cookies in the order you're going to stack them.
And then start "glueing" them with your glaze.

Add glaze to the back of the "black hole" cookie and "glue" to the side of the hive.
I used a ribbon to secure the cookie until it dried.

A smaller hive is even easier. 
Here's a four circle hive.....quick and easy.

I added black glaze to make the opening of the hive.

Super cute and super easy.
Time saved can be spent decorating the bumble bees. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Honey of a Bee Cookie Collection

I had a "honey of a time" making these fun bee cookies. :)

More Tutorials coming....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bumble Bee Cookies (Tutorial)

You'll need:

**Bee cutters used: small bee, medium bee large bee 

Outline & flood the body and head of the bees.
Allow this to dry for a few hours before adding the black stripes (to avoid bleeding).

While waiting for the yellow glaze to dry,
you can add dotted lines for the wings with black glaze using a 1.5 PME tip.

Once the yellow has dried for a few hours, outline and flood the black stripes on the body.
Also add details like antennae, eyes and stinger.

Dry overnight.

Brush Americolor Bright White gel (diluted with almond extract)
within the winged areas using a brush.

Friday, February 22, 2013

CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, February 22, 2013


CookieCrazie's Week in Review


Personal Side

A much better week.
Right now I'm sitting here writing this during a terrible winter storm.
We've got heavy snow and lots of wind. CRAZIE!
I feel like I need to whip out the snowmen and snowflake cutters. lol

I'm getting use to my MacBook.
Each day gets a little better.
I'm learning Photoshop.
I am still super slow.....and haven't actually edited any photos yet, 
but I'm feeling a little more ready to try it.

Here's the deal.
We're getting ready to make a HUGE software change at the hospital lab next weekend
(my "real" job).
So I've got change all around me.
Some days, I don't think my brain can handle all the stretching.
But I'm sure I'll be a much stronger person once I've passed through all this fire. :)
This week I did birthday cookies.
I was only able to decorate one day this week, but it was pure bliss.
And I feel like I'm getting faster and faster with my decorating....which is very exciting.
I only have one more "free week".....and then I have to work nearly full time for two weeks at my job.
That means no cookies. :(
So hopefully I'll have time to do a few next week.
I've got lots of cool Easter ideas, but I may not get the chance to implement them this year.
Our software transition runs right into the week before Easter. : /

Instagram photos for this week:

Note: These Instagram photos go all the way back to the beginning of last week.

Buzzin' right into Valentines day this week..... ❤

 Moving to spring colors and spring flowers. :)

They make me smile. I hope they have you smiling too.
We need regular doses of happy cookies amongst all the "stuff" in life, don't we? :)

Spring texture.....
I wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day filled with lots of love and sweet treats. :)

Puppy love for Joe. :)

My new little buddy......we are already best buds and it's only been one day. :)
Best Valentines blessing.

Look at these beauties I just got at Hobby Lobby. :) Time for a fun photo shoot. :)

Sneak peek at my Easter egg collection. :)

Pretty little basket of flower cookies. :)

Butterflies...... :)

 From Mickey to ???? Any guesses?

My funky patchwork "eggs".

I'm back in my happy place today.
And new little laptop buddy is joining me. :)
It's a blessed day, for sure.

heehee They are coming together. Remember the Mickey cutter?
I can't wait to finish these cuties tomorrow. :)

Birthday cookies......

It went from nothing to near blizzard in just a matter of hours.
What a winter storm!!
I just gave a neighbor some cookies for helping with the driveway.
Instead of spring eggs and flower cookies, it should have been snowmen cookies. ;)


Last CookieCrazie chatter....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pirate Treasure Chest Cookies (Tutorial)

You'll need:

**"Treasure Sprinkles include: 

Outline the chests.....but don't flood them yet.

Gather your treasure sprinkles.
Flood the center section of the chest with gold glaze.
Immediately start adding the sprinkles in any order you'd like.

Allow the gold glaze and sprinkles to dry for an hour or so.
Then flood the outer parts of the lid and bottom section in brown glaze.
After the brown has dried for an hour or so, flood the inside of the lid with beige glaze.
Allow to dry overnight.

Make a mixture of gold gel, white gel, and almond extract to paint on the inside of the lid.
This will give it a worn, antique-ish look.

Mix gold luster dust with almond extract to paint on the chest latch.

Use a brown food color marker to make wood age lines on the outside of the chest.

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