Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Panda Bear Cookies (Tutorial)

To make these panda bear cookies, I used the cutter I got from Disney last fall.

Since the ears seemed a bit too big and stand-out-ish (and Mickey-like.....heehee)
I decided to trim the edges with a heart cutter.

This photo shows the difference of the original shape on the far left
and the modified version in the middle and on the right.

The same day I baked the cookies, I also made some glaze icing transfers for the bears snout.
I did these on parchment paper and allowed them to dry overnight.

Because black and white tend to be problem colors for bleeding,
I always give them extra dry time before adding them side-by-side.
I outlined and flooded the ears and eyes of my pandas on Day 1
to allow them to dry overnight before adding the white face.

When I flooded the eyes, I immediately added a black sugar pearl for dimension.

The next day I outlined and flooded the white face.
I allowed it to dry for a few hours and then "glued" on the white snout.
You can add the black nose on the snout before or after you glue it to the face.

For a few finishing details, I painted a white outline around the black sugar pearls
with a tiny paint brush and white Americolor Bright White gel.
And with a black food color marker, add the mouth.


Linda@Gingerbread House Lane said...

Love these! Definitely worth trying out now that I know what else to do with my Mickey Mouse cutter.

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

How cute! Canada just took delivery of two Panda bears (on loan from China) on March 25th. The Prime Minister even went to meet them at the airport. It would have been cute to have these cookies to pass out to everyone :)

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Linda. Yes.....definitely try it out. :)

cookiecrazielady said...

Oh wow, Paula. That would have been awesome for you to have made panda bear cookies for the event. :) Thank you.... ♥

Lucky Penny said...

Those are super cute, Pam!

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks so much @590e3a8c189a88be582db828e7c0795d:disqus. :) ♥

mayceegreene said...

They look so cute that I could just gobble them up! Panda bear cookies are a rolled cookie. Making them looks like a complex task, but it seems so easy on your part.

Maycee (

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Maycee. Pandas actually aren't too complex compared to other cookies. But decorating sugar cookies in general is quite a process. ;) ♥

Stone Pearl said...

I think the classiest thing you've done here
Great Job!
It's Fantastic to see something so far.
This is great and just what i've looking for.
Thanks a lot.

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