Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Box of Chocolates......all Cookies!

Being the CRAZIE decorator that I am.....I not only made "chocolate" cookies,
but I made some 3D cookie heart boxes to hold them. :)

Tutorial for "chocolates":

A simpler packaging idea.....

You'll need these boxes and lids from BRP Box Shop and some mini cupcake liners.

Wrap the box up with ribbon and a tag.....and you have a nifty gift for your Valentine.

Or......for a more simple presentation, you could place your "chocolates" on top of a large heart cookie.

Whatever presentation you choose.....your Valentine is going to LOVE such a sweet treat. :)


Marlene Charbonneau said...

Pam, these are absolutely AMAZING!! You did a fabulous job!

Carol said...

How cute! I love your kind of CRAZIE. xx

NoYoMoCo said...

Wow - the chocolate cookie boxes are amazing, Pam!

Nancy said...

Cute, Pam! Lots of work, and such a sweet reward!

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