Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Build a 3D Beehive Cookie (Tutorial)

You'll need:

  • Yellow Colored-Dough Circle Cookies (see below)
  • Black Colored-Dough Oval Cookie (see below) or
  • Black 10-Second Glaze
  • 10 Second Glaze (for "glue")

A bee hive 3D cookie is quite simple to make.
The hardest part is coloring the dough. ;)

Color dough a bright yellow or gold color.
For suggestions on coloring dough, visit this blog post.
For the hive opening, you can make a black cut-off oval cookie or use black glaze, your choice.

Once your dough is colored, cut out graduated circle cookies.
The number you will need depends on how large/tall you want your hive.
I used nine circles for the large hive and used this set of circle cutters (fluted side).

Line up the cookies in the order you're going to stack them.
And then start "glueing" them with your glaze.

Add glaze to the back of the "black hole" cookie and "glue" to the side of the hive.
I used a ribbon to secure the cookie until it dried.

A smaller hive is even easier. 
Here's a four circle hive.....quick and easy.

I added black glaze to make the opening of the hive.

Super cute and super easy.
Time saved can be spent decorating the bumble bees. :)


Sue {munchkin munchies} said...

I have a honey pot/bee collection and my hubs has a honey collection, so I think I need to make these adorable and easy cookies ASAP! Beeautiful:)

cookiecrazielady said...

Oh yes, most certainly should. :) Thank you. ♥

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