Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simply Winter Cookies: Snowy Snowman

To make this snowy snowman cookie you will need:

Outline and flood the "frosting side" of the cupcake cookie with blue glaze.
While it is still wet, add dots of white glaze.
 Allow it to dry for an hour or more (to prevent bleeding).

Outline and flood the head of the snowman with white glaze.
 Allow to dry overnight.

The next day, add eyes and mouth with black glaze.
Add carrot nose with orange glaze.
Use food color marker to add eyebrows and other details, if desired.

For simple snowman cookies, cover circle cookies with white glaze.
Dry overnight and add faces the next day with black and orange glaze.

Simply Winter Cookies


    my2preciousboys said...

    Very very nice. I love snowmans.

    cookiecrazielady said...

    Thanks my2preciousboys. I love snowmen too! :) ♥

    Lorna said...

    I can't see enough Snowmen . They make me smile. Thanks for the ideas .

    barbarahromada said...

    I just love these snowy snowmen!!

    Nancy said...

    Now, that's thinking outside of the box,....or outside of the cupcake cutter! SO CUTE! And of course, snowmen really speak to this collector! Have a great Sunday, Pam!

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