Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simply Winter Cookies: Snowman with Knit Cap (Tutorial)

To make a snowman cookie with knit cap you'll need:

 Cut out a cupcake cookie and a circle cookie and piece them together as shown.
Note: The cookie in the middle of these next two photos is the snowman with top hat.
The cookie on the left  is the snowman with knit cap.

Outline the "piles" of knitted cap on the top of the cookie.
After it has dried for about 15 minutes, add the flood icing and any pattern you'd like.

Outline and flood the little pompom on top of the hat.
Allow the cookie to dry overnight.

 Using black and orange glaze, add eyes and a carrot nose.
 Use a food color marker to make a mouth, eyebrows, or any other details you'd like.

Here's the three snowman cookies I made with my new cupcake cutter.
Tutorial for the snowman with top hat HERE.
Tutorial for the snowman scene coming soon.

Simply Winter Cookies


Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

Cutest hats ever :)

Anne @ Have a Cookie! said...

I like your idea of turning the cupcake cookie sideways to make your snowman face - very creative!!!

Cristin's Cookies said...

Oh Pam, this is tooooo adorable! This actually went into my SAVED folder. Don't you feel so special? Thanks for the tutorial. I MUST make this snowman with the adorable hat! LOVE him!

cookiecrazielady said...

Yes, I DO feel special, Cristin. Thanks so much. I will look forward to seeing a snowman like this from you. :) ♥

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