Monday, January 7, 2013

Simply Winter Cookies: Mittens & Hats (Tutorial)

To make mitten and hat cookies you'll need:

Outline & flood the main part of the hat or mitten as shown.

You have the option to add a pattern while the base is still wet.

 If desired, you can add some texture by allowing the glaze to dry about 1 hour
and then using a cake tester (or something similar) to add some indentations.

Allow the base to dry for several hours.
Next you can add the cuffs and "pom-pom" by outlining and flooding with white glaze,
and then covering them with white sanding sugar.
(Note: You must allow the base to dry thoroughly so that sanding sugar will not adhere to it.)

Simply Winter Cookies


Joni from SpringFling said...


NoYoMoCo said...

What a beautiful effect! I love these, Pam :)

LilaLoa said...

Pam! I LOVE these!! I love, love, love the quilted one with the cross-hatched marks!! You are SO clever!

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