Saturday, January 26, 2013

Simply Valentines Cookies: Colored Dough & Simple Designs (Tutorial)

Coloring your cookie dough can make really cute cookies without all the decorating fuss.

Once you've mixed up your cookie dough,
add some food coloring gel directly to the dough and combine with your mixer or with your hands.

WARNING: Not wearing gloves during this step might cause the following!

But trust me....adding color to your dough will be well worth it when you
see these fun colorful cookies baked up on a cookie sheet. :)

I chose to make small hearts with holes so I could hang them with ribbon or twine.

For some, I painted Americolor gels and airbrush colors on them
to give them an even more intense color.

For others, I added a few simple details with glaze to add a little variety.

There are so many fun ways you can present these simple Valentine cookies.

Stay tuned for more ways to used colored dough cookies.

Simply Valentine Cookies


Nancy P said...

Cute, Pam! Often, I think simpler is better! It makes more of an impact, especially from a distance, like on a garland. Thanks for the inspiration! I have been making some papercraft Valentine goodies, need to get into my coookies now!

Teresa Cruse said...

How do you get the glaze on the cookie so smooth?

cookiecrazielady said...

Hi Teresa.....Glaze has a much different consistency than royal icing. It falls down to a flat state easily and thus.....always has a smooth surface. :)

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