Friday, January 11, 2013

CookieCrazie Chatter...... Friday, January 11, 2013


CookieCrazie's Week in Review


Personal Side

ahhhhh.......Things are back to normal here at my house.

My college students are back to school.
Everyone else is back to work......
and I've gotten a chance to bake and decorate cookies this week.


I love winter......snow, being cold.....therefore needing to
snuggle in a soft blanket and drink something warm.
But for whatever reason......our winters are not much different than the rest of the year. :(
This week I tried to encourage the season with snowmen, snowflakes, a sled, etc..... to no avail. : /
It is in the 50s today. Sigh......

Oh week I'll move to Valentines Day cookies and see what happens. :)

Instagram photos for this week:

Back on the saddle.....errrrr....DoBord... again. Feels wonderful! :)

 Wow.....I didn't know I had so much "greyscale" related bling for my decorating. ;)

 I'm likin' greyscale. :) Thanks Georganne.

Sure.....I decide to build a snowman inside when it's a balmy 57 degrees outside.
I had no idea it was crazie to celebrate winter in January! Sigh.....

Even though it is NOT wintry outside, this little guy skates
happily inside his own little winter wonderland. :)


Last CookieCrazie chatter....


Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

After all the beautiful wedding cookies I'm surprised that you did not take a break! Your hot cocoa cookies and all your hats a mitten cookies are so cute. Love your whimsical skating snowman Pam. Have a wonderful weekend.

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks Paula. Actually.....I DID take a three week break. All of those cookies were done in earlier in December. I enjoyed a cookie-free zone for a few weeks and was ready to get back at it this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. :)

Carol said...

Like you, I love winter too. We are in the middle of summer here in Australia, and boy is it hot. Definitely not good cookie baking weather. Pam, I love your snowman cookie it's so cute. Did you use a cookie cutter or do you have your own template?

LilaLoa said...

The cookies in your instagram photos are AMAZING!!! WOW. Your 3D cookies are incredible. How do you even come up with these ideas??!!

cookiecrazielady said...

Thanks dear sweet Georganne. I appreciate all your encouraging words. And ideas?......I pray a lot. :) ♥

Cristin's Cookies said...

Glad you're schedule is returning to normal. Nick went back to college on Sunday. The house is quiet again.. well except for that adorable granddaughter of mine when she visits. It's been cold here, very cold. Although we gals in California are wimps against the cold! Your 3D mug makes me think I need to go make some hot cocoa :-)

cookiecrazielady said...

Whenever I hear from you, Cristin.....I always want to grab a cup of tea with you and just sit down and chat. We have lots in common......and I feel such a kinship to you. :)

Yes....a quiet house is wonderful.....but I look forward to those adorable grandchildren too. So glad you have that little sweetie to brighten up your days.


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