Monday, April 30, 2012

Umbrella Cookie (Tutorial)

Don't wanna be all wet in the rain?

OK....Umbrella cookies aren't really going to help you there....
but they sure are cute. ;)

To make umbrella cookies you'll need:

Of the two umbrellas I is hand cut and
one is made from a fluted circle cutter and a rectangle cutter.

Just cut two pieces of the circle cookie out
(kind of like small pie pieces) leaving a handle. :)

Once your cookies are baked, 
outline and flood the handle with gray glaze.

After at least 30 minutes of dry time,
add the outline of your umbrella.
(Notice I printed out clipart and used it as reference.)

After 20-30 minutes dry time,
fill in alternating sections of top 
and inside layers of umbrella.

Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes.....
and then flood the remaining segments.
After it has dried for another 30 minutes, 
Outline the rim of the umbrella.....
the part that should be "protruding" out closest to you.

Once the cookies have dried for several hours or overnight,
mix together a drop of almond extract with some silver luster dust.
Paint "silver" onto the gray part of the handle.
on how to use silver luster dust.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Showers Bring COOKIES!

With Show Me Your Cookie's theme being April Showers.....
I went all out.

I wanted to do a huge set of cookies on everything
I could think of related to RAIN!

And remember when I told you that 
it was raining every time I went to
photo these cookies?...

Guess what it was doing earlier when I started writing this post? was RAINING! 

And then.....about 30 minutes ago......
it was a gully washer.

(My 18 year old had never heard of gully washer before.
Am I getting old or what?!)

I think it is awesome how real rain
has surrounded my rain-themed cookies. :)

I had loads and loads of fun making these cookies.
And then I was able to give them to 
some of my bestie cookie friends last weekend.
I'll show you how I boxed them up in a future post.

What until you see the tutorial
on how I made these wellies (rain boots)!

Here's the rain gear we need for a day like today.....

Tutorials and boxed sets coming soon...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celebrate Spring Cookie Collection

Come celebrate spring with me......the cookie way.

And of course some stitches and buttons need to be involved. ;)

Happy Spring!

Previous Spring Celebrations:

What do you love about spring?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Raindrop Cookie (Tutorial)

To make raindrop cookies you'll need:

 I do not have a tear drop cutter.....
so I improvised. :)

I cut an oval shaped cookie
and then took a mini tear drop cutter
and cut out a tear out of the top of the oval
added a full teardrop in the space
and pressed it together to look
like a raindrop.
The easy way would be to use the teardrop cutter. haha

Using a straw, make a hole in the top of the dough
if you'd like to hang your raindrop cookies.

Outline & Flood the baked cookies with blue glaze.
Be sure to outline the hole if you make one.
Immediately add a white highlight on either
side of the teardrop. (wet on wet)

Allow cookies to dry for 24 hours.

Add loops of Twine to hang them. 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Raindrop Cookies Fallin' on My Head (ouch!)

The Show Me theme for this month is

April Showers

How fun!
And believe it or not.....I didn't have a tear drop cutter.
So be looking for a tutorial on making
raindrops without a special cutter. :)

Do you feel a little drenched at this point? lol

Check out Bea of Cancun Cookies' rainy post:
Wellies & Umbrellas for a Cloudy Day

I thought it was rather cool......
that every time I went to take photos of 
this collection of cookies....
it was raining! :)

Here's proof.

I love it when it rains.

It cleans everything off and 
leaves such a refreshing scent.

And the soft pitter patter of rain is
like a warm fuzzy blanket to me.
(And I LOVE my warm fuzzy blankets!) 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Realtor Thank You Cookie Collection

The rest of the Realtor Thank You Cookie Collection.....

The cookie request was to make cookies
to thank my friend's realtor who
worked hard and went to bat for them 
like a "bull dog" to make the 
purchase of the new home happen.

My favorite.......used clipart when I Googled the subject
 that showed something similar. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

House Key Cookie (Tutorial)

Some have asked how to make keys 
like I made in the

Thankfully, I just happened to take 
photos for a tutorial on making keys. :)

To make house key cookies you will need:

** Note: I couldn't find a regular shaped key cookie cutter,
so I hand cut these cookies.
My suggestion to you is to Google "house key"
and find a key shape like this one,
print it out, and then follow my instructions

Outline the key cookie with grey glaze.
Be sure to add the key hole outline at the top.
Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes.

 Flood key with silver glaze. (sorry no photo)

Allow cookie to dry for about 1 hr.
Press a long thin (clean!) object
into the partially dried glaze to
make some realistic key grooves.
I used my handy dandy cake tester. :)

Allow the cookie to dry overnight.

Brush a combination of silver luster dust
and almond extract onto the keys
to give them a nice silver sheen.

And there you have some silver shiny keys 
to use for a house warming, realtor thank you,
or various other custom cookie collections. :)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cookie Joy: A Military Thank You

Remember these?

Last month I made this very special set of cookies 
for  a US Navy pilot who is stationed over in the Gulf
right now and fighting the war in Afganisthan.

You can read about it in these posts:

So I thought I'd share some Cookie Joy today. 
That's what I call the responses I get
from others when they receive cookies
made especially for them.
I love it!
It always manages to bring me joy as well. 
And I hope it will bring you joy too. :)'s notes from two of our US Navy's finest.....
with grateful hearts and courageous spirits.

The cookies mom ordered arrived today, all in great shape.
Not a single one was broken!
I couldn’t have packed them better.
I am going to share them with the rest of the pilots
in the squadron tomorrow morning when
I head into the ready room.
I especially like the Mizzou Tiger and VFA-151 Vigilante design!
The VFA-151 cookie detail is incredible!
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.
We are doing God’s work over here at the tip of the spear.
It’s the thoughts and prayers of loved ones back home that
keep us going through the daily grind of deployment.
Please thank all those who pray for us daily.
God Bless.

And then this week, I got this note.

Cookie Crazie Lady,
Thank you for sending the delicious cookies out here
to the USS Abraham Lincoln and VFA-151.
Jason Dalby was kind of enough to share all the Naval Aviation
and sports shaped cookies you sent.
I had the pleasure of eating some of them
while flying over Afghanistan which was definitely a treat.
Thank you again, your support is greatly appreciated.

Very respectfully,
LT Erik "Dook" Kenny
VFA-151 Training Officer

See what I mean about Cookie JOY?
What a delight to get notes from these men.

I remember the blood, sweat, & tears I had
while doing these complex cookies,
and it was certainly worth all of it
to bring joy to our soldiers fighting
for us on the other side of the world.

As I've said so many times before.....
I'm in awe of how God uses a simple little
sweet treat to do amazing things. :)

God bless America!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gone Buggy: Bumble Bee Cookies (Tutorial)

Continuing on with the Gone Buggy Collection......

To decorate Bumble Bee Cookies you will need:

 Outline the head and stripes of the bee in black glaze.
Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes.

Flood black sections of be with black glaze.
Allow to dry for several hours.

Outline the rest of the bee body in yellow glaze
and the wings in white glaze.
Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes.

Flood the rest of the body in yellow glaze.
Do NOT flood the wings with glaze. 
(To give them a transparent look....
we'll paint them with diluted white gel color.)
Allow the bees to dry overnight.

Add a small amount of almond extract to a
drop of Bright White Americolor gel.

Paint the entire wing with the diluted white gel.

Allow them to dry for a few hours.

Personally.....I do not like bees at all.....
unless their cookies. :)

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