Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cookie Easter Baskets (Tutorial)

In the same vein as the Cookie Nests,
let's build some cookie Easter baskets. :)

To make a cookie basket, you will need:
  • several custom cut round cookies (see below)
  • handle cookie
  • 10 second glaze in your choice basket color
  • parchment paper
  • some kind of "drying rack" to hold handle in place
  • a little bit of patience...ummm make that LOTS ;)

I highly recommend a set of these 
round cutters for this project.

You'll need to cut 4 round cookies.
I used the largest four circles in my set.
 3 7/8" (98mm)
3 7/16" (88mm),
3 1/16" (78mm)
2 5/8" (68mm)
It is totally up to you how big you make the
circles which will determine the size of your basket.

Start out much the same as with the nest.
Bake up graduated circles or ovals.
This photo shows the nest's fluted circles.
For the baskets, I used plain circles, not fluted.
Your choice.....

Cut out the middle of all of them
EXCEPT the base  (the smallest one).

For the basket handle, cut out an oval,
turn the cutter to cut out most of the center.
What is left will be the handle.
I pushed the sides apart before baking (photo on rt).

Measure the handle with your largest circle/oval cutter
to make sure it will stretch across the entire basket.

Stack the cookies as a basket.....
  then turn it upside down and
start adding icing to the inner rim of each cut-out circle.

Carefully place them one on top of the next 
to build the basket.

Turn your basket upside down.....
and start adding icing from the "top" down.
 Once covered, let it dry for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, you can work on the handles
so they can be drying too.
Cover the "backside" of the handle
(sides and all)
and let it dry for a couple of hours.

Back to the basket.....
Start at the top (actually bottom) of the basket,
add vertical lines all the way around.
 Let it dry for another hour or two.

Once the basket is good and dry, 
turn it upright.
Allow it to dry a bit that way
since the rim will still be rather wet.

Turn the handles over
and outline and flood the "front" side.

Allow them to dry for 30 minutes or more.,
then add vertical lines
to the front side.

Allow to dry while you finish the basket.

Start at the top rim of the basket
and fill the inside.

Allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes
and then outline and flood the top rim.

Once the rim has dried for about 30 minutes,
add some cross lines around the rim.

Once everything is fairly dry,
it is time for assembly.

Add a patch of icing to each side of the rim 
where you want the handle to attach to the basket.
(see the arrows in the first photo)

Set the handle on the wet icing
and allow the makeshift "drying rack"
to hold the handle in place to dry overnight.

And FINALLY......
you have a cute little basket to fill
with whatever your little heart desires. :)

Wow...this tutorial wore me out.
I'm not sure I'll continue to do 
tutorials on such complex projects. lol

To build a cookie nest, go here.

So much to show you this next week!
Get ready... :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Easter Cookies.....

Random Easter cookies......

so I tried some.
Ummmm......totally disappointed....
but I ran out of steam that day I was decorating. :(

I learned more about my airbrush
(thanks Karen!)
and had a more successful session with it.
(Still have a lot to learn...)

And my cute little peep bunnies..... easy and fun.

(P.S. I can't remember where I got this cutter. 
I think it was a Hobby Lobby mini Easter set.
I did find a similar cutter here.)

More Easter coming soon.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do Sweet Birdies Make COOKIE Nests? (tutorial)

I would think that birds like these....

build COOKIE nests, wouldn't you?

Better yet..... WE could build one for our
cute little birdie and egg cookies. :)

To build a cookie nest, you'll need:

I highly recommend a set of these 
round cutters for this project.

You'll need to cut 4 fluted round cookies.
I used the largest four fluted circles in my set.
 3 7/8" (98mm)
3 7/16" (88mm),
3 1/16" (78mm)
2 5/8" (68mm
(It is totally up to you how big you
make the circles which will determine
the size of your nest.)

Oh....and you don't have to use fluted cutters.
Plain circles will work fine.

 The base of the nest will be the smallest circle.
Don't cut a hole in the middle of that cookie!

With the other 3 cookies, 
cut a hole with a round cutter smaller than it.
I found that the size just below it 
usually made the cookie rim too thin.
so you might have to go down two sizes
for cutting out the center circles.

When you're finished cutting,
you should have four graduated circle cookies
with the largest three having a
hole cut out of the center.

Once you've baked them
and have the brown glaze prepared,
stack the cookies like a nest
on a piece of parchment paper.

Then turn the stack upside down
to start building. :)

Place your base whole cookie upright,
and add dark brown icing (#4 round tip) 
to the inner edge of 
next cookie. (see photo below)
Turn it right side up and place it carefully
on top of the base.
 Repeat with the 
final two cookie "rims"
until you've built your entire nest.
Isn't it cute?!

Now turn the built nest 
upside down.
This is where it gets a little messy!

Start at the top 
(actually it is the bottom of the nest)
and work your way down,
covering all the sides with 
dark brown glaze.
Try not to get any glaze on the top 
(actually the bottom of the nest)
to keep it nice and flat 
when you set it upright.

It's OK if glaze flows down around the rim.
That icing will not remain when
you turn the nest upright.

After you've let the sides dry for a 
couple hours (hence needed patience)....
turn your nest upright.
Give the nest more drying time
since that top rim will be very wet
when you turn it over.

Start filling the inside of the nest with glaze.
Again, work from top to bottom
on the sides.
Fill the bottom once the sides are complete.
(You'll already have lots of glaze
on the bottom and will only 
have to add a little more to fill it in.)

Allow the inner nest some dry time...

then outline the top rims 
(inside and outside).

Allow them to dry for 20-30 minutes 
before flooding the top rim.

Allow another hour or so of dry time
(see what I mean about the patience!)
and then the fun part begins...

Take your three colors of brown glaze
and using #2 round tips,
add lots of lines all over the nest.....
giving it the look of twigs and
anything our birdie could find. :)

Allow your nest to dry overnight.

And then you will have this.....

a wonderful little nest to fill with 
egg cookies, candy, or whatever you wish.

That was a long one.
But I did it. :)

To build a cookie basket, go HERE.

To see more birds & nests:

My sincere thanks goes out to my dear friend Callye,
who encouraged me to make this tutorial.
You're the best-est, my sweet friend!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunny Spring Day..... in Cookies :)

There's just something about those
you know what I mean, 
don't ya?

Your spirits soar.....
and you just feel better. :)

Let's do it with cookies......

Big bright sun and fluffy clouds.....

The leaves are all green and rustling in the wind.
Can you hear the birds chirping?
See the pretty flowers everywhere.....

Oh what a beautiful spring day!!!

I hope your day is filled with beauty and joy......
even if the only way you can
obtain it is by looking
at cookies. =)


Monday, March 26, 2012

Following CookieCrazie

 Since I'm in the process of a blog makeover.....
I thought a little spring cleaning was in order. :)

(please excuse the boring techie info
within this just needs to be said...)

is no longer offered to non-Blogger blogs
it seems like a good time to remove that 
feature from my blog.
Even though I use Blogger,
many other blogs don't.
Why keep something that is
only available to a few?

If you've been using Google Friend Connect,
there's lots of other options to keep up 
with CookieCrazie 
(and all your other favorite blogs, for that matter).

Stay Connected to CookieCrazie:
I just signed up for Blog Lovin' today.....and I'm lovin' it. :)
It's nice and simple.....
and updates you in your Nav bar
when any new blog posts are ....posted. 
Now I can keep up with my favorite blogs easily. 
Lovin' it!
(sorry....I couldn't resist a second time.)

For lots of more info on this subject, 
check out Callye's post
She even shows you how to sign up for RSS feed.
Love that girl! :)

Next time.....back to cookies.....PROMISE!

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