Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Balloon Cookies (Tutorial)

When I set out to make cookies for the CookieCrazie 4th Birthday Party
I wanted to make some basic birthday shapes
to share here.

Every party needs balloons, right?!

What if you don't have a balloon cookie cutter?
No problem...

You can use a hot air balloon, an upside down Christmas ornament,
an Easter egg, or even a plain 'ole circle.

You'll need to squish the last three to make them look more balloon-shaped.

For these cookies you'll need 
Outline cookies with #2 round and let dry for 10-20 minutes.

Fill in each balloon with #4 round 
and add white reflection lines while still wet, if desired.

You can add various accents
like opening rims and strings if, if you like.

And you can have even more fun by adding
some real twine to the balloons for
added cute factor. ;) 
I love my twine from The Twinery

And to think that none of these balloons
were cut with a balloon cookie cutter.
Love it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CookieCrazie Birthday Blog Give-Away Winners!!!!

What a wonderful 4th birthday CookieCrazie had. 
It's been fun to celebrate with all of you!
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments,
celebration and love sent via cyberspace.

The fun continues with the Birthday Linky Party.
If you haven't checked it out....please do!
There's lots of great cookies being 
shared at the birthday party (that just keeps giving...). ;)

Now for the winners of the CookieCrazie 4th Birthday Blog Give-Away!

Enjoy your wonderful prizes!
I've sent both of you an email.
If you haven't received it, please contact me at:
cookiecrazielady {at} gmail (dot) com

_____________________________________ the confetti settles and the balloons all shrink in size.....
and my husband slowly eats the 7 layer cookie birthday cake

Look for some fun posts this week. 
I'm going to share some tutorials 
on birthday cookies I made for the party.

I'm also getting ready to share a CookieCrazie Basics post
on bagging glaze icing in prep for decorating.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Cookie Birthday for CookieCrazie's 4th!

It's here!

The birthday is finally here......

Come in.....make yourselves at home.

I have all the decorations (uhhh....COOKIES!) in place....

I made some birthday banners.....

All the decorations are happily waiting to celebrate.

Oh.....and I made you a very special cake.
It is a SEVEN layer cookie cake.
Yes, us cookie girls can make cake too. (well.....sort of!)

Of course, it is not beautifully decorated
like real birthday cakes might be.....
but I did the best I could with glaze
and a big stack of round cookies. :)

OK......the candles are lit
(they've been burnin' for days now, lol) 
and it is time to sing. :)

"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear CookieCrazie,
Happy Birthday to you."

Did you sing? 

I've cut the cake so that everyone may have a slice......

Ahhh.....come on, just one small slice.....

 What an awesome party!
I'm so glad you came.

If you haven't signed up for the birthday give-away,
but sure to do that before tomorrow (Monday) midnight, CST.
You don't want to miss the chance
at all those great prizes!

If you haven't seen SweetSugarBelle's awesome
gift to CookieCrazie, check it out HERE.

And now for even more fun.
Bring some cookies to the party to share!

Even if you don't have a blog, 
you can share your cookie photos 
from Flickr and Facebook too.

So.....consider this a gift to CookieCrazie's party....
a link to cookies you've made that are your favorites.
And then we all get to enjoy the gifts together. :)

It is my honor to host this party and have you all here.
Thank you for being the best blog followers ever!
I appreciate each and everyone of you.
I'm so glad for the opportunity to share my creations with you.
I hope they at least delight you......
and if they can inspire you as well......
that makes me so happy.

May we have many more birthdays ahead to celebrate
all the blessings God gives us. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday from SweetSugarBelle :)

A very dear friend helped me come up with this
whole idea of birthday week for CookieCrazie.
We were planning some other things for our blogs when I realized
that my blog birthday was coming up.

What fun it has been to pull together lots of
different things to celebrate the event.

But you's not really about the blog.....
as much as it is about the people & relationships
surrounding the cookie community.
I've met many.....
and feel like I'm meeting at least one new one every day.

One of my bestie cookie friends is sweet Callye.

She agreed to help me celebrate by writing a guest post
for CookieCrazie's special day.

No need for introduction.....
I'll hand this post over to dear SweetSugarBelle. :)


Today is a very big day for my friend Pam. 
 I “met” Pam three years ago when
 Now, four years later I am excited to help her
celebrate the birthday of her blog, Cookie Crazie.

As I mentioned before, I have known Pam since
almost the beginning of my cookie adventure.
She was one of the first cookiers to seek me out,
encourage me, and become a friend.

Just a few years later,
it's really mind-blowing to me that a simple
Flickr comment has turned into a lifelong friend. 

Anyway, today I'm here to celebrate
CookieCrazie's birthday the best way I know how.

In honor of this special day
I'm going to show you how to make
number cookies with birthday hats.
These can be adapted to any number you like,
but today, of course,
I am making the number four!

To make these cookies you will need:
·      White piping and flood icing
·         Pink piping and flood icing
·         Stiff orange piping and flood icing
·         Yellow flood icing
To create this cookie I connected a star point to a “4”.

Begin by outlining the cookie as shown below.
 I used a marker to pre-mark the center of the cookie as a guide.

Next fill the “4” with pink flood icing.
 Let the cookie dry for an hour or two before moving on.

 Next, fill the “hat” and add flowers using the wet on wet technique.
 Since the flower detail is a bit small,
I used bottles like THESE fitted with a #1.5 PME tip.

At this point let the cookie dry for three to four hours.
To finish up, use a #233 tip to add a fringe and top to the party hat.

Let dry and you have a cute custom cookie everyone will love.

I would love to wish Cookie Crazie a very happy fourth birthday!
I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!


Oh Sweet Sugar Belle.....
You DO know how to celebrate Cookie Style....

You can see lots more of SSB wonderful-ness

Thank you so much for sharing
festive birthday number cookies with us, Callye.
I LOVE the orange & pink
and those FRINGES!
(That's not something you can do easily with glaze.)

And thanks for the birthday wishes......
from you and SO MANY 
CookieCrazie fans.
I'm lovin' all the comments, everyone.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

I am a VERY BLESSED person.

Don't forget to participate in the

And get ready.......
tomorrow is the BIG DAY.

See you at the party!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday Party Cookie Prep.....In FULL Swing!

We're getting ready to PARTY!
Put on your party dress and start getting ready
.....we're gonna have SO MUCH FUN!

But there is much to do before Sunday.
First we must send out the invitations.
Would you help me?

We can't have a birthday party without balloons, now can we?

We'll need some candles for the cake....

Oh....and I just happened to bake up a cake today.....
so let's add the candles on top so it is completely ready. :)

OK....we're almost there. 

LOTS of fun surprises coming your way......
so don't miss the fun.

And if you haven't signed-up for the 
you best HIT THIS LINK and do it!

And be looking through your birthday cookie photos
and find your favorites. hint hint

And a HUGE surprise tomorrow.....
a special birthday guest post from a very dear friend. :)

I'm excited!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

CookieCrazie 4th Birthday Blog Give-Away!

Ready for a terrific
Happy Birthday to CookieCrazie Blog Give-Away?

My favorite sponsors have come through once again.
I really appreciate each and every one of them.
They are always so kind to give generously when
CookieCrazie is having a give-away.
If you get a chance, be sure to thank them.

OK.....for those of you that love to SHOP.....
Here's your chance to do some major cookie shopping!! =)

TWO winners of the
CookieCrazie 4th Birthday Give-Away
are going to receive:

A $25 gift certificate to Karen's Cookies!

A $25 coupon to spend at Ecrandal Copper Cookie Cutters!

And last but not least......15 cookie cutters of your choice from SweetArtFactory! here's TWO ways to enter the giveaway.
(If you do not follow these instructions, your entry will be disqualified.)

   1) Become a Facebook fan of  
Karen's Cookies, Ecrandal,  
SweetArtFactory, and Cookie Crazie
then leave a comment here
telling what you did. 

then you must go one step further.
Please encourage your friends on FB to become fans,
then leave a comment telling what you did.
Not on Facebook?
Tell someone about this blog, ask them to take a look,
then return here commenting on what you did.

2) Share this give-away link via one of your Social Media accounts.
Leave a comment here on what you did.

No Social Media?
Send out an email message telling others
about this blog giveaway 
and then leave a comment here on what you did.


Each entry must be in a separate comment
in order to count as two entries.

Entries will only be accepted as comments on this particular

blog post "CookieCrazie 4th Birthday Blog Give-Away!".
Comments on any other blog post, FB page, or email
will not enter you into the give-away.

Each person is only allowed TWO entries into

the give-away as outlined above.

International entries are welcomed. However,
you may be required to pay some of the
shipping costs if you are chosen.

Winner must respond within 48 hours
or another will be chosen.

CookieCrazie, Karen's Cookies, Ecrandal,
and SweetArtFactory are not responsible for
lost or undelivered email.

The acceptance of entries ends at

midnight (CST), Monday, February 27, 2012.

      I will use to choose the winner.


Hope you win!


And the winners are:


Thank you to everyone for participating
and helping make CookieCrazie's birthday
extra special. 
I appreciate you all!
And a huge thank you to
Karen'sCookies, SweetArtFactory,
& Ecrandal Copper Cutters
for their generous sponsorship. :)

This blog give-away is now officially closed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Cupcake Cookies.....Let's Celebrate!!

I wish I could have made a few hundred....
dare I even say....a few thousand of these cupcake cookies to share with all of you.

Since it is virtual cyberspace anyway......
you may now all reach within your screen and take a cookie and enjoy it together.
Ready, Set, Go! heehee

These are the cupcakes I made for my daughter's 25th birthday last month.
She loves cupcakes.
She loves chocolate.
She loves blue.
'Nuf said. :)

Brace yourselves.
CookieCrazie Birthday Give-Away announcement!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Cupcake Cookies (Tutorial)

In honor of CookieCrazie's birthday week celebration.......

a tutorial on making birthday cupcake cookies. :)

You'll need 10 second icing in at least two different colors.
If you want to do a pattern on the "wrapper", you'll need additional colors.
As always, I used a #2 round tip to outline and a #4 to flood.

Outline the wrapper......

Without touching the wet wrapper outline, I also outlined the frosting top too.
Dry outlines with heat gun.

Fill in the wrapper......including pattern and allow to dry. Start on the top by adding the middle of the icing layers and let it dry.

 Then fill in the other two layers.
Notice that I changed my mind midstream and removed
the outline below the top curly Q.
I decided it would look better if that whole thing was just one layer. 

Once the wrappers have dried for about 1 hr,
you can add some texture lines to them. 

I used my cake tester from Pampered chef.....
but you can use any food safe object that will add
some "folds" to your cupcake wrappers.

Lay your tool down gently on the icing and push enough to indent it.

With the polka and striped was really hard to photograph the fold texturing.

So I also photographed one of my plain wrappers so you could see the folds much more clearly.

I love these happy little cupcakes.
I needed to see happy cupcakes today. :)

The confetti is flying at CookieCrazie. haha

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