Saturday, December 15, 2012

Simply Christmas Cookies: Christmas Ornament (Tutorial)

To make Christmas ornament cookies you will need:
Outline and flood the base of the ornament with red, green, or white glaze
(or whatever color you desire).
After it has dried for an hour or so,
outline and flood the hanger base with gold glaze.

After it has dried for 30 minutes, add the hanger portion of the ornament.
Allow to dry for about 1 hour.

Add the vertical lines to the hanger using a long thin tool. (I used a cake tester.)
Allow to dry overnight.

Using gold luster dust mixed with a small amount of almond extract, paint the gold shine onto the hanger.


Vicki said...

Pam: I don't tell you enough how much I enjoy your blog. I get a daily dose of "Pam" and I always learn something in every post. Your cookies amaze me.....what you are able to do and what you are able to think of! I look forward to seeing you in my inbox several days a week. Please know that even though I don't stop to thank you each day...I am grateful for your instruction and your big heart!

cookiecrazielady said...

Your little note was a gift from God. You don't know how much I needed to hear that, Vicki. Thank you so much. Last night someone was rude to me.....and I've been reeling over getting your note reminds to just chill and keep doing what I'm doing. (Isn't it amazing how you try to give and give, and people still expect more?) Merry Christmas to you, Vicki. :) ♥

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