Monday, December 3, 2012

CookieCrazie Custom Cutters: Homespun Christmas Tree Cutter

The second of my two exclusive new custom cookie cutters.....

This project has been several months in the making.
The day I received the first samples of those cutters.....such joy!
They're like little babies to me.

And then the idea that others would use the cutters is pure joy as well.

So I asked several of my cookie friends to decorate a cookie with the cutter.
And many agreed to do it....and here is the wonderful-ness they came up with!

2 CeCe – TacticalBaker
3 Laurie – CookieBliss
4 Andrea – Cupookie
5 Christine – SugarCravings
6 Heather – SugarNosh Treats
7 Lorraine – Lorraine’sCookies
9 Nancy – Seasons of Joy
10 Kim – ThePartiologist
11 Maryann – Cookie Artisan
12 Jen – Posh Pastries
13 Jennifer – Cookie Cutter Creations
14 Tricia – The Cookie Loft Girls
15 Elizabeth – LizyB Bakes
16 Stephanie – IceMy Biscuit
17 Melissa – TheBaked Equation
18 Liz – Arty McGoo
Aren't they fabulous?!
I am so thrilled that these ladies used their incredible talents to make a cookie with my cutter.
I'm grateful for their contributions.

If you'd like to get your hands on my two new cutters,click on the links below:

And if you make cookies with these cutters, please send a photo my way.
I would LOVE to see what you come up with. :)

More Homespun Tree Cutters


kiki said...

I brought one immediately when you advertised it. I have tons of trees to do so as soon as I do one. I will send a photo your way;)

LilaLoa said...

Wow. Those trees are ALL so fun and creative!!! Great job on the cutter Pam!!!

NoYoMoCo said...

What a fun project! Your cutters are totally awesome :)

Melissa Barbakoff said...

I think this is going to become one of my favorite cutters! I love your little tree with the buttons. Thank YOU again for asking me to do this!

Ali Bee's Bake Shop said...

love it! I think the wooden looking one is my fave :)

Dina said...

Ooohhhh, thanks for sharing all the photos. I just purchased this cutter and this gives me some great ideas of what can be done with this cutter (which I love, by the way) :)

Anne @ Have a Cookie! said...

They are all very nice. I'll be using my cutter next week :)

jan said...

Hi Pam...I got mine when I was at Cookiecon. When my husband saw your Tree cutter he said "what a cool cutter!" So, I ordered a few more to give to my friends. I just iced the tree and will decorate then tomorrow when I am off work. I will send you a picture when I am done. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Andrea said...

So much fun Pam. Thank you so much for such a wonderful cookie project. I'm so happy I was able to participate. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Cristin's Cookies said...

Oh my gosh!!!! The girls did an AMAZING job with the Christmas tree cutter! WOW! What an inspiration! Absolutely incredible creativity! Love it!

Bea said...

Love the creativity inspired by your cutter, Pam!!! Congrats my friend! xo

Nancy P said...

Pam, this was sooooo much fun! LOVE all the ideas! Thanks again for including me!

The Partiologist said...

I love the ctter you designed and LOVE the way you decorated each cookie! The trees with the bark design are fantastic! Thanks for going to so much work to put this fun tree project together! Love You!

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